Roll Forming Machine

Having made automatic roll forming machinefor over twenty years, we are a professional roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier in this area with rich experience. The main forming part can be a double layer or single layer, it has the collection of rollforming machinery, electricity and hydraulic, therefore it will have high working efficiency and can work fully automatically.

The main structural form of rollforming machines at Jinggong is as follows:

Cantilever type.

The frame adopts welded steel profiles, and the shot blasting treatment.

Through the hydraulic device, the inner supporting plate is opened along the radial direction, to realize the material coil of radial uptight.

Motor and chain driven unwinding reel rotation, the output signal of the sensor varies with the number of roll out, the frequency transformer adjusts the uncoiler feeding speed through this change, to realize active uncoil.

Pressure arm cylinder drive lift off (Customer self-distribution source).

Types Of Jinggong Roll Forming Machine for Sale

Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The purlin roll forming machine consists of a hydraulic uncoiler, leveling device, 2 sets of hydraulic punching equipment, hydraulic cutting equipment, changeable roll former, PLC controller, hydraulic system, etc.Learn More >

Steel Deck Roll Forming Machine

Steel Deck Roll Forming Machine is the special roll forming machine for steel sheet cold-form industries. It can continuously form the steel sheet according to the customer's requirement, automatically cut to length.Learn More >

High Speed Roll Forming Machine

Jinggong can design and manufacture high-speed roll forming machines for forming different profiles according to customers' requirement.Learn More >

High Speed Tile Forming Machine

Jinggong can customize high speed tile forming machines according to your requirement.Learn More >

Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

The complete machine adopts the cold forming, cold punching, automatic stack, industrial automation controlling system and precision machining technology, therefore it can run fully automatically, including decoiling, forming, cutting to length and stacking.Learn More >

Downspout Roll Forming Machine

The curving pipe forming machine is the complementary equipment that can be used to curve and neck down the pipe. The whole downspout forming machine adopts cam control to actualize automatic produce, the angle can be adjusted manually.Learn More >

Auxiliary Equipment

Jinggongprovides a wide range of auxiliary equipment for roll forming machines, such as curving punching forming machine, filming and cutting machine, slitter, uncoiler and so on.Learn More >

Composition Of Roll Forming System

Roll forming system is composed of a machine frame, transmission parts and forming roller group, etc.

The frame section after manufacturing and connected, integral welding of profile.

Roller wheel adopt 45# steel, with forging, precision CNC machining, surface chrome plating after polishing.

The roller shaft is made of 45 steel, the supporting structure of the column.

The drive chain is arranged inside the frame, and set the tension roller, to improve the positioning accuracy.

Lower roller group driven by the reducer and chain, parts of the upper and lower rollers are driven by gears.

Adjust the upper and lower roller clearance by manual screw, in order to adapt to the plate with different thickness.

Roll Forming Machine-FAQs

What is process flow of your roll forming machines?

Decoiler→Feed guiding→Punching→Roll forming→Fixed length cutting→Finished product

What does the roll forming machine consist of?

Decoiler, feed guiding device, punching device, roll forming system, cutting system, discharging device, hydraulic system, electrical system.

What's the color of your roll forming machines?

Body color is RAL5015, Cover color is RAL1018, and main moving parts color is RAL2008. We can show the production color card and the color can be customized according to customer requirements.

How long can the roll forming machine service?

We've been making machines for over twenty years and our machines are still working in the customers' factory. It also depends on the maintenance and daily use.

Can I combine two sheets in one panel roll forming machine?

Yes, we can do double layer roll forming machine, but it depends on the sheet profiles and during the production, there is only one sheet can be made.

What's the common thickness for final products?

Normally it's 0.4-0.8mm to different profiles and materials.

What's the control and operation mode of roll machines?

PLC control, operated by touch screen + button.

Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a professional roll former supplier, we provide china roll former, metal roll forming machines for sale, metal forming machine, metal forming equipment, building materials equipmentand etc. Want to buy roll former? Please contact us.


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