Corrugated Web H-beam Welding Line

The corrugated web beamautomatic welding machine adopts the welding robot originally from Italy which automatically controls the works such as the whole Line laser scanning, two positions welding, welding gun changing, crosssection cutting and so on. This machine has the features of high quality, high efficiency, full-automation and so on.

It can cut, assemble and weld the tapered beam. The welding speed of this production line is about 700 mm/min (max. projected linear average speed). Forthe raw materials to feed into the machine, load the suitable coil onto the decoiler or simply feed the flat plate are both OK.

The length, height and thickness the machine can produce:

H-beam length: 4-16 m

H-beam height: 300-1500 mm

Corrugated web thickness: 2-6 mm(≤235 MPa), 2-4 mm(≤345MPa)

H-beam flat web thickness: 4-8 mm

Video of Corrugated Web H-beam Welding Line

Corrugated web H-beam is a new construction materials. It is widely used in bridge, column, single and multiple bay frame construction. The surface is corrugated, and it can save steel 20%~60% under the same yield strength with each beam with flat webs, especially it has high cost performance in large span, crane beam, and so on. The span of 1.5 meters H-beam with corrugated webs can reach 40 meters. The JBH automatic corrugated web H-beam welding line is developed by Zhejiang JinggongScience and Technology Co., Ltd. The H-beam with corrugated webs use the original binding welding robot from Italy with automatic control to finish the work such as whole line laser scan, two positions welding, changing welding gun, cross-section cutting, and so on.

The machine has high quality, high efficiency, full automation, and so on. It consists of slitting and cutting length devices, web panel forming machine, flange web feeding machine, h-beam with corrugated webs robot automatic welding machine, variable cross-section cutting, stacking system, and so on.

In order to promote the use of H-beam with corrugated webs. Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Tongji University in Shanghai, Open Steel Structure, and other companies made the product standard for the industry. And in september 2010, it passed the review.

Parameter OfCorrugated Web H-beam Welding Line



Corrugated web forming machine

Suitable raw material

Yield strength(Mpa)


Steel thickness(mm)

2-6(≤235Mpa): 2-4(≤345Mpa)

Steel width (mm)


Profile dimension

Wave height(mm)


Distance of waves(mm)


Steel feeding mode


Corrugate web output mode

Transmission chain

Feeding power(kw)


Total weight (T)


Dimension (mm) 6235×1640×2500

Corrugated web H-beam automatic robot welding machine

Work-piece dimension (mm)

Work-piece length


Web thickness




Flange thickness


Flange width


Welding mode

Imported robot two-position welding at the same time

Welding type

CO2 welding

Corrugate scanning

Whole line laser scanning

Cutting type

Plasma cutting

Control mode

Automatic control

Scanning speed (mm/s)


Welding speed(mm/min)

Total power (kw)




Total weight(T)


Total power (kw)

195(Except slitting/cutting line)

Total weight (T)

86(slitting/cutting line)

Dimension (mm)

67550×8500×3500(Except slitting/cutting line)

Special features about Corrugated Web H-beam Welding Line

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