Metal/Glass/Wood UV Vacuum Coater for Sale

We are a professional manufacturer of plane, curved surface, printing and coating, sanding and polishing equipment. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality vacuum coater for saleon metal/glass/wood. Vacuum coating machinemainly refers to a type of coating that needs to be carried out under a higher vacuum. Marble UV coating line line can widely in building material, outside the room and inside room and bathroom, which machine coating material is fiber cement and calcium silicate board.

Specification of UV Spray Coating Machine

Place of Origin

Jiangsu, China

ChinBrand Name




Machine Type

other uv wood coating machine


1 Year


CE ISO9001


Plywood, solid wood, particleboard

After Warranty Service

Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service

Metallizing Vacuum Coating Process

The vacuum coater for sale uses the high-speed motion of positive ions generated by gas discharge under the action of electric field to bombard the target as the cathode, so that atoms or molecules in the target material escape and precipitate on the surface of the workpiece to be plated, forming the required film. The most commonly used vacuum evaporation coating is the resistance heating method, which has the advantages of simple structure of the heating source, low cost and convenient operation.

Vacuum Paint Surface Coating EquipmentApplications

The vacuum spraying production line of vacuum coater for woodis fully automated and specially designed for the surface water-based primer and UV light curing materials such as furniture, floor, door cover line, footing line, picture frame, wall panel, marble line, blinds and so on. The operation of the vacuum spraying production line is very simple, the paint can be changed conveniently during the on-line operation, and it is easy to clean.


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