CIC Mining And Cement Equipment

CIC's heavy machinery equipment include not only market-leading standardized products, but also customized products and related services according to customers' specific needs, which can be sold directly to end customers, business partners and traders.As one of the top cement machinery suppliers, CIC has more than 60 years of production experience in cement, mining and other traditional heavy industries, the heavy industry equipment line is rich and mature, and the relevant supporting heavy equipment serviceare meticulous and excellent. Recently, we are also actively developing and researching in the fields of high-tech intelligence, green environmental protection and waste treatment, our heavy equipment and machineryproducts, such as, ball mill grinding machine and sludge drying machine have been sold all over the world and help customers solve new problems, increase efficiency and cut operating costs.

Types of Mining Equipment and Cement Machinery

Grinding Mill

Ball Mill

Rod Mill

SAG Mill

Tube Mill

Our grinding technology has absorbed advantages of famous international brands.

Rotary Kiln

We are dedicated to large rotary kiln equipment to burn various materials in many industries.

Rotary Dryer

We have rich experience in the production of the rotary dryer.

Sludge Drying Machine

The sludge dryer makes the sludge waste material have secondary use-value.


Vertical Centrifuge

Horizontal Centrifuge

We mainly provide vertical centrifuge and horizontal vibratory centrifuge for the mining industry.

Metallurgical Furnace

CIC can design and produce all kinds of vertical or horizontal converters below 250 tons.

Intelligent Mechanical Equipment

Calcium Carbide Furnace Tap Hole Machine

Furnace Tap Hole Machine

Intelligent mechanical equipment including dig furnace machine, discharge furnace machine ect.

High-pressure Ball Press Machine

A high-pressure ball press machine is a kind of pelletizing machine.

Why Choose CIC Customized and Intelligent Equipment?

As a heavy machinery manufacturers, CIC is not satisfied with the existing technology, focuses on the development direction of the world equipment manufacturing technology, and speeds up the scientific and technological innovation and new heavy equipment and machinery development. Our company has acquired ISO 9001:2015 Certification of conformity of Management System Certification, Mine product Safty Authentication, Recognition for BV Mode II Survey Scheme in France, Mining Electrical Equipment KY Certification. In the process of production, follow the perfect ITP process, carry out various kinds of flaw detection after the completion of the product, and also with in-house testing, to ensure the quality of the industrial heavy machineryproducts to meet the requirements.

The company has reached a long term cooperation relationship with major domestic logistics transport to ensure that the heavy equipment machinery products are shipped to the port at the first time when they ready to be delivery. International logistics supports the modes of shipping, air transportation, rail transportation and land transportation, and the most suitable and affordable transportation mode can be selected according to the actual situation of the customer receiving place.

Our company's experienced sales concentrate on the whole process tracking from the early communication, equipment selection, order, to the later production and delivery. They ensure the final satisfaction of the customer, maximize the benefits for the customers.

FAQs of Mining and Cement Equipment

QWhat kinds of waste material can be treated by rotary kiln?

Rotary kiln waste incineration system is one of the best way to treat all kinds of wastes harmlessly.Our rotating kiln is widely used in dealing all kinds of solid, liquid and gas wastes, including industrial wastes, chemical wastes, pharmaceutical wastes, medical wastes, contaminated soil, radioactive substances and sludge etc.

QWhat equipment is used for mining?

CIC is a professional mining machinery manufacturer. Mining machinery refers to the machinery used for mineral mining and screening, including mining machinery and mineral processing machinery. We provide heavy equipment for crushing and grinding - ball mill mining and rod mills, hoists for mine lifting, industrial centrifuge machine for mineral washing, disc filters and floatation machines.

QHow much does mining equipment cost?

A complete mining plant include various machines. Precisely measurement is needed before the cost accounting. Mining equipments price depend on many issues, such as: Capacity, raw material hardness, partical size, and finished products size, etc. Inquiry heavy equipment prices.

QWhat is cement manufacturing process?

CIC is a professional cement machinery manufacturers. Crushing and pre-homogenization of cement raw materials → Production of raw cement → Homogenization of raw cement → Preheating and decomposition of cement materials → Burning of cement clinker → Cement grinding → Final product packaging.


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