Bioanalytical Service

Bioanalytical Service for Small Molecule Drugs and Metabolites, Large Molecules – Peptides and Proteins, etc. LCMSMS Quantification, GCMS Quantification, HPLC, UPLC and ELISA.

Analytical Services

Analytical Services for Purity Test, Contaminant Test, Pesticide Screening, Essential Oil and Cosmetics Profiling and Quality Control – LCMS, GCMS, HPLC, HPIC, Maldi-TOF, HRMS, FTIR etc.

Proteomics Services

Protein Service

Protein Identification, Quantification – Label Free and iTRAQ, TMT, Post Translational Modification (PTM) analysis – Orbitrap Fusion Lumos, Q-Exactive plus, Maldi-TOF, etc.

Why Choose Our Products And Services

High quality

We guarantee the superior quality of our products by providing real analytical data, such as NMR spectra and HPLC-MS profiles for each lot.

Large selection

We offer a wide range of unique laboratory-made research tools many of which are not available elsewhere.

Competitive pricing

Our pricing is very competitive compared to many other reagent suppliers.

Quick support

We provide the highest level of technical support to our customers. Just call us and we will help you quickly!

Axispharmoffers a wide range of unique laboratory-made research tools many of which are not available elsewhere.


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