Hydraulic Nut

Hydraulic nutis a strong fastening component, it is a special nut that integrates a hydraulic device on the nut body and locks the connecting object via liquid pressure. It changes the traditional torque locking to axial tensile locking. The hydraulic nut can be directly replaced the traditional nut for all kinds of occasions that need strong fastening and strong anti-loosening, especially in narrow spaces that can not meet the occasion of large spanner operation, installation and assembly work more accurately.

Main Applications of Hydraulic Nut

The blade axial locking of side trimmer, slitters and other metal slitting machine

Inner and outer rings of precision bearings are locked

Locking fixture for forming process

Locking of large parts in the coal mine, shipbuilding, power generation, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries

Advantage of Hydraulic Nut

The body is divided into steel parts and aluminum parts, with a compact structure, high strength and strong reliability.

Aluminum parts are lighter and lighter to use.

A floating pressure ring can perfectly fit the brocade cotton, making the pressure uniform, high locking accuracy. Used in slitting machine, can firmly lock the blade, high installation accuracy, good shear quality, can effectively reduce the wear of the blade, prolong the life of the blade.

Adopt internal pressure mechanism to pressure, quick and convenient operation, effectively improve production efficiency.

Sealed grease type, no need to add oil, stable pressure, good sealing, no leakage, no pollution to the environment.

No need to use a torque wrench, pressure can be monitored.

Long service life and high rate of return.

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