Multi-Axial Simulation Table


Multi-Axial Simulation Table (MAST) simulates the vibration of real-world environments in the laboratory. Element provides multi-axial vibration testing for a full range of vehicle components and assemblies, delivering the data that automotive engineers need to develop safer, more reliable, and dependable vehicles and their associated components.

A multi axis simulation table is an automotive test system specifically designed for the high-frequency testing of vehicle components. It is sometimes also called a Multi-Axis Shaker Table or MAST table.

Multi axis simulation tablecan simulate acceleration and displacement outputs and reproduce key data collected on proving grounds, by providing a full six degrees of freedom (6 DOF).

These test systems consist of a hexapod platform with a low resonance table on top. The test system can be used to simulate any kind of vibration in all six degrees of freedom.

The movements of the test system are tightly controlled by a digital test controller.


The Multi-Axial Simulation Table (MAST Table) is applicable for:

Seismic: earthquake testing

Aircraft, vessel, helicopters taking off and landing

Docking of spacecraft

Refueling of aerial tankers.

Automotive vibration

Simulation of ground, ship or floor movements

Imbalance in loading and unloading and wind

Long-term swaying of the ship·

Modal analysis


KRD60 3-DOF simulation table is the key equipment for dynamic performance test of shipboard equipment, which is used to simulate the motion attitude of submarine and ship in the sea environment. It can also be used to test the adaptability of the main parts of the automobile to the tilting and swing environment, so as to determine the ability of the product to withstand the tilting and swing of the specified severity level and the integrity of the structure. It is widely used in the performance test of shipborne photoelectric equipment, navigation equipment, gyroscope and platform compass.

Multi axial simulation tables can save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and shorten the development cycle of products. Using this technology to develop different simulators can be applied to aviation, aerospace, weapons and other industries. Tilt and sway is a basic environment for machinery, electrical and electronic products placed on water equipment (including ships, seaplanes, and offshore oil exploration platforms). All types of machinery, electrical and electronic products placed on water equipment must withstand the effects of the environment.

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