The storage and supply of liquid nitrogen is crucial in high-end fields such as biological sample banks, medical cold storage and scientific research laboratories. The storage is guaranteed by YDS series liquid nitrogen tanks, and the supply requires self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tanks!
Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank capacity 15-500 liters, laboratories and superconductors prefer 175 liters!
175 liter self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, configured with multi-stage safety system, including double safety valves, pressure stabilization facilities;
Working valves into the drainage, emptying, pressurization, reasonable layout, simple operation; suitable for sample library liquid nitrogen tanks, sperm banks, stem cell banks for liquid supply, as well as laboratory large-capacity liquid nitrogen tanks for replenishment, superconductivity use and so on.
Product highlights:
Ultra-large capacity storage: the geometric volume of 175 liters is 185 liters, and the effective volume is as high as 175 liters, which provides sufficient liquid nitrogen reserve for large sample banks;
Self-boosting design: using the pressure generated by the vaporization of liquid nitrogen in the tank, it automatically discharges liquid nitrogen to ensure continuous and stable supply of liquid nitrogen, with stable working pressure and less than 0.09Mpa;
Safety technology: double safety valves are designed to provide you with double safety protection measures; it can be equipped with a low-temperature solenoid valve for use to realize fully automatic liquid replenishment;
Daily evaporation loss rate: adopting unique vacuum technology to ensure long time preservation of liquid nitrogen;
Humanized caster design: equipped with high load capacity mobile casters, fast and convenient to move;
Production process: all welds are qualified by helium mass spectrometer leakage detection, and 100% low-temperature rigorous testing to ensure product reliability;
Production materials: made of high quality 304 low temperature resistant stainless steel;
Safe filling recommendations: follow the manufacturer's recommendations to fill to 90% of the tank's geometric volume, reserving space to ensure sufficient vaporization pressure to avoid the risks associated with overfilling.
Choose the KGSQ 175 liter self-pressurizing liquid nitrogen tank and enjoy a worry-free liquid nitrogen supply experience. Contact us today for solid cryogenic protection for your research or production activities.
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