The elevator landing dooris the door installed on each floor. According to the opening directions, there are two types of lift landing door: "side opening" and "center opening". We provide customers with suitable solutions for different door sizes. For more information on elevator landing door, please contact us.

Types of Elevator Landing Door

BST telescopic elevator door

The design is more optimized and concise. The door lock has passed 1 million life tests and obtained CE certification.

Selcom Type Landing Door

Classic european design, reliable and durable, the products are exported to many markets.

MITSUBISHI Elevator Landing Door

One of the most common elevator landing doors on the market, affordable and durable.

There are telescopic lift doors on each floor of a building with elevators. Have you ever wondered what's behind the elevator landing door and what is this door for?

The main function of elevator telescopic door is for passengers to enter the elevator. When you press the call button outside the elevator, the elevator landing door will open when the elevator reaches that floor, allowing passengers to enter the elevator.

Another function of the elevator landing door is to prevent passengers from falling into the hoistway. Behind each elevator landing door is a passage for the elevator to run exclusively. Imagine how dangerous it would be if there were no elevator landing doors. With the development of technology in the field of elevator door system, some elevator landing doors also have the ability to resist larger impacts, which greatly enhances the safety of elevator operation.

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