Flatbed Semi Truck Trailer has a bottom plate (cargo platform) and can also be widely used to transport ordinary goods. The flat type bearing surface is large and the strength is high, but the frame has a high center of gravity and high requirements on the road. Low Bed Semi Trailer is a good solution to this. The concave beam-type frame has a low center of gravity. The goose neck has the advantages of both and can take into account both the road and the center of gravity to ensure better stability and safety, and the greater ability to transport super-tall loads and to pass overhead obstacles.

Introduction to Low Bed Semi Trailer

It could be effectively applied to transport tractors, buses, special purpose vehicles, rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, military machinery, and other heavily loaded goods.

What kinds of Low Bed Semi Trailer are available?

Ultraoton, as one of the professional low bed trailer suppliersand wholesale trailer manufacturers,has many types of low bed semi trailer for sale. Generally, we can customize models for your needs ranging from 25T to 150T. Divided by size, there are 9.1 meters, 9.5 meters, 10.5 meters, 11 meters, 12 meters, 12.5 meters, 13 meters, 13.75 meters Low Bed Semi Trailer, width 2.8 meters-3 meters. Divided by axle style, it could be equipped with two-axle, three-axle, two lines four axles, three lines six axles.

Ourproducts ofsemi low bed trailerare very suitable for large equipment such as machinery, excavators, bulldozers, etc. It can be ranged from 30 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, to even 300 tons. On different purpose or weight of goods, Low Bed Semi Trailer could be modified into type with removable gooseneck, extendable ramp, and even modified to be hydraulic modular transporter, SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Trailer) by equipped with hydraulic pendulum axle, cantilever suspension, driven modules, power pack unit to ensure the smoothness of transportation and to enhance its greatest performance.


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