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ValueApex EAMic® CMMSpredictive maintenance, designed and developed by maintenance engineers, is in line with maintenance excellence, the TPM approach and ISO55001 best practices. With more than 100,000 EAMic®er users serving digital maintenance transformation in 470 plants, EAMic® can bring you profit-centred reliability improvement and user success at all levels.

Enterprise Asset Management Software Types

EAM/CMMS Software

Preventive Maintenance Software

Facility Management Software

Life Cycle Asset Management Software

Spare Parts Management Software

Work Order Management Software

EAMic® CMMS is your mission-essential IT tool to manage all your assets, parts and preventive maintenance plans. To reduce wrench time and unplanned down time through effective preventive maintenance programs with EAMic® App, to reduce your stock cost through EAMic® inventory taking, and to bring all your maintenance data into your treasure of know-hows. Behind all maintenance data, EAMic® cmms eam will make all maintainers seen and heard.

Facility Maintenance Work Order Software

Use EAMic® CMMS to facilitate in your maintenance excellence journey: all maintenance strategies and maintenance loop will be realized through EAMic®, corrective maintenance loop, preventive maintenance loop, inspection loop, maintenance project loop and maintenance stock control loop. Maintenance indicators and KPIs reports are streamlined with EN 15341-2007.

Equipment Maintenance Management System

From your building, to your floor to your room, all your facility are managed in EAMic®. All inspection plans will be automatically triggered, released, executed, monitored and analyzed in EAMic®.

Life Cycle Asset Management Software

There is life, there is death, in-between maintenance. Take and treat your asset alike towards human being. All data for a piece of asset will be stored and recorded in EAMic®, thus life-long cost and profit will be traceable.

Spare Parts Management Software

What are the spare parts of the equipment? Which equipment is the spare part consumed by? EAMic® knows everything about your spare parts, such as suppliers references, technical characteristics, consumption, storage box code and so on, you won’t miss anything of your spare parts.

Work Order CMMSPreventive Maintenance Software

EAMic® provides a consistent approach in managing maintenance activities, from fault report to failure analysis, from maintenance requests to work order management, from resource allocation to worked hours. Everything is made easy with EAMic®.

Benefits of EAMic® EAM/CMMS Software

Improve asset utilisation

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce unplanned downtime and production losses

Improve equipment reliability and optimise failure tree analysis (FTA) and (FMECA)

Optimise SHE (Safety, Health and Environment)

Manage maintenance processes effectively

Reduce maintenance administration work, improve the control of maintenance work and scheduling

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