Slag Storage Silo

Slag steel silo, also called slag storage tank, is specially used to store slag. Flyer’s slag steel silo is made of superior quality double-side galvanized steel sheets, and it is spirally designed. Spiral steel silo, also called lipp silo, is the best steel structure for slag powder storage. Spiral silo is import LIPP technical from Germany. It can be built on-site by our own professional fitters and with its own sizes. The spiral steel silo’s on ground foundation can be steel structure and concrete structure. Steel structure foundation is usually for the small size silo, whose capacity is lower than 1500 ton. Concrete structure foundation silo can be each type structure silo. Apart from slag, it can be also used to store other mineral powders. Steel silo for slag storage has the following advantages:

  • Low investment: Compared with reinforced concrete silo, the total cost will be 30%-50% lower, which can largely reduce the cost. And we guarantee high quality meanwhile.
  • Wide size of manufacturing range: The capacity can be from 50 ton to maximum capacity 15,000 ton per silo. All of our steel silos are in round shape, the diameter will be from 3 meters to 30 meters per silo. Slag steel silo meets the requirements of different clients with complete accessories and functions. The wide manufacturing size range ensures our slag storage silos fit for different scale of plants.
  • Moisture-proof and anti-corrosion: The steel silo itself adopts high quality galvanized steel sheet to protect it from both moisture and corrosion. The edge of spiral silo is five times thickness than that of silo shell. No leakage of air, even powder.
  • Professional working team: Our working team can provide technical guidance and spread some matters needing attention in the application process of lime storage, so as to provide you the most perfect service.
  • Outstanding after-sales service: Flyer provides 1-year free maintenance after the project is delivered and for over one-year maintenance period. We guarantee a timely reaction for arriving at the scene in 36 hours after receiving feedback. Besides, if you have any problems in lime silo cleaning, we can have a free guidance.

The bottom of slag steel silo can be mainly dived into two types: Conical hopper bottom and flat hopper bottom. The conical hopper bottom silo capacity always be small silo, the capacity of silo is not more than 2000 tons. But the silo will be built with some accessory equipment, such as vibrator on silo hopper, aeration box on silo hopper, to ensure the slag powder discharge smoothly. The flat bottom silo always be invert cone inside silo bottom, the function is to reduce the pressure when discharge slag powder from the center of silo top. For this type, the invert cone can avoid the slag powder flow down to the aeration box directly. The aeration box is to make the slag powder discharge smoothly (Kindly notice: some big slag silos will be built more than one invert cone inside silo bottom).


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