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Vitaton DCDescriptionVitamins, minerals and amino acids are essential for the proper operation of numerous physiological functions. Composition Vitamin A 2,000,000I.U Vitamin D3 400,000I.U Vitamin E 1,000I.U Fe (FeSO4) 6,000mg Mn (MnSO4) 6,000mg Zn (ZnSO4) 12,000mg Cu (CuSO4) 1,200mg I (KI) 120mg Co (CoSO4) 120mg Mg (MgO) 6,000mg Feature and Benefits The significant functions in addition of nutrients added in animal feeding have long been known. Above all, feeding for high performance livestock require supplementation by various vitamin complexes and minerals.Even though supplemental amount of nutrients which affect animal performance is very small, necessary amounts of these in animal body act by controlling the nutritional balance, the improvement of feed efficiency, body weight and aid in the prevention and treatment of the disease.Indications For Livestock: For increased milk production For higher milk fat For prevention of ketosis For prevention of breeding disorders and abnormal milk. For Poultry: 家禽 For improvement of hatchability, fertility, egg production and growth promotion. Dosage and Use 用量与用途 Livestock: Thoroughly mix the product at the rate of 5kg per M/T of dairy cows' feed. Poultry: Thoroughly mix 200 gm Vitaton-DC in 50Kg or 4Kg per M/T of Poultry feed. Storage :Store in a dark and dry place, not exceeding 25℃. Packing: 包装1 Kg, 20kg bag


至: 成都螯合生物技术有限公司
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