BotanicalSource:Mucuna pruriens

Place of origin: South of China

Used part: Seeds

Appearance: Off white powder

Specification: Levodopa 20%,50% 98%

Levodopa manufacturer:Shaanxi Youbio Technology Co.,Ltd


L-DOPA also known aslevodopaandl-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine, is an amino acid that is made and used as part of the normalbiologyof humans, as well as some animals and plants. Humans, as well as a portion of the other animals that utilizeL-DOPA in their biology, make it viabiosynthesisfrom theamino acidL-tyrosine.L-DOPA is theprecursorto theneurotransmittersdopamine,norepinephrine(noradrenaline), andepinephrine(adrenaline), which are collectively known ascatecholamines. Furthermore,L-DOPA itself mediatesneurotrophic factorrelease by the brain and CNS.L-DOPA can be manufactured and in its pure form is sold as apsychoactive drugwith theINNlevodopa.


The production methods of L-Dopa mainly include chemical synthesis, microbial enzyme conversion, and plant extraction. The chemical synthesis method has a high yield, but it produces a mixture of L-type and D-type, which will cause side effects due to different metabolism between the components. L-Dopa was synthesized by microbial enzyme conversion with low yield and high production cost. No industrial production has been reported.

At present, the main source of levodopa is extracted from Mucunapruriens.

Youbio Natural LevodopaEfficacy overview:

L-DOPA crosses the protectiveblood–brain barrier, whereasdopamineitself cannot.Thus,L-DOPA is used to increase dopamineconcentrationsin the treatment ofParkinson's diseaseanddopamine-responsive dystonia.OnceL-DOPA has entered thecentral nervous system, it is converted into dopamine by theenzymearomatic l-amino acid decarboxylase, also known asDOPA decarboxylase.Pyridoxal phosphate(vitamin B6) is a requiredcofactorin thisreaction, and may occasionally be administered along withL-DOPA, usually in theformofpyridoxine.

Packaging and shipping:

25 kg export-grade cardboard barrels as outer package; double-layer food-grade plastic bag as inner package

25 kg/barrel

Shippedby air, by seaand by express.

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