Drill Rod

Drill rod, also known as hydraulic rock drill steel rod, heavy duty drill rod in top hammer rock drilling. The threaded drill rod is connected with shank adapter and drill bit through the threads on both sides of the rod body, and transmits the impact energy and torque of the hydraulic rock drill to the drill bit for rock drilling.

Different Types Of Litian Threaded Drill Rod For Sale

To improve the efficiency and quality of rock drilling, the rock drill rods for sale are a crucial piece of rock tools, which is why you cannot compromise on quality. As a mature rock drill rod factory, Litian offers durable and best quality mining drill rod, tunneling drill rod, borehole drilling rod at affordable prices, which is a key factor in ensuring rock drilling quality. A wide range of top hammer rods is offered by Litian including R25 drill rod, R32 drill rod, T38 drill rod, T45 drill rod, T51 drill rod, ST58 drill rod, etc. Check below to get more about our rock drilling rods.

Extension Rod

Extension rod, with male threads at both ends,connects with a shank adapterthrough a coupling sleeve. It can divide into round extension rods and hexagonal extension rods.

MF Rod

MF rod, also known as speedrod, has a male thread at one end and a female thread at the other end. It can directly connect to the shank adapter without the aid of a coupling sleeve.

Drifter Rod

Drifter rod is mainly used on the full hydraulic drifting jumbo. It can be used for roadway excavation blasting and anchor hole drilling in underground mine.

Drill Tube & Guide Tube

In top hammer drilling, guide tube and drill tube are mainly used for surface bench drilling and underground long hole drilling. We can provide T38 guide tube, T45 guide tube, and T51 guide tube.

Drill Rod Specifications


Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools China- Drill Rod

Other Names

top hammer drill rod, threaded drill rod, rock drill rod, mining drill rod, thread rock drill rod


Structural Alloy Steel


Tunnelling, Mining, Quarrying, Blasting and Infrastructure Construction

Facedrilling and Bolting, Bench Drilling, Production drilling, Long hole drilling, Drifting


R22, R25, R28, R32, R35, R38, T38, T45, T51, GT60, ST58, ST68, etc.

Rod Type

MM rod (Male/Female thread): Extension rod, Drifter rod

MF rod (Male/Male thread): Speedrod, MF drifter rod

Drill tube, Guide tube

Body Type

Hexagonal rod, Round rod





Custom Design


Drill Rod Advantages

High quality steel

Our drill rods are made of high-quality alloy steel, which perfectly balances the wear resistance and flexibility through a special heat treatment process, can meet the requirements of hard rock drilling, and has a longer service life.

Advanced manufacturing technology

Our drill rods adopt a complete set of mature technology such as advanced surface treatment technology, smelting technology, and mechanical processing technology, which greatly reduces the loss of energy in transmission and makes the drilling speed very fast. We have advanced thread manufacturing technology, which can effectively reduce the risk of indentation and fracture at the thread end, making it easier to connect and disassemble drill rods, drill bits and shank adapters, resulting in shorter downtime, straighter drilling holes and higher production efficiency. The escrape groove in the transition area between the thread and the rod body is the weakest area of the drill rod, where the drill rod section is the smallest, not only to bear the high-frequency tensile and compressive normal stress, high torsional stress, but also to withstand the additional bending stress caused by the weight of the drill rod and the rock drilling operations. In drilling practice, Litian continuously optimizes the processing technology of the escrape groove, and has our own unique processing technology, which has minimized the risk of breakage at the escrape groove.

Strict quality control

We strictly control all aspects of production to ensure that high-quality drill rods are presented to customers.

What Is Drill Rod Made Of?

Litian top hammer drill rod is made of high-quality alloy structure hollow rock drill steel (high chromium-molybdenum-nickel alloy steel) as raw material, its proof strength Rp0.2 is 900MPa-1000MPa, tensile strength Rm is 1250MPa-1350MPa, and hardness is 37-44 HRC. Our drill rods have the advantages of high wear resistance, high fatigue strength, high toughness, and long service life.

What Is Drill Rod Used For?

Litian top hammer drill extension rodis used for rock drilling operations, and is widely used in production drilling, face drilling, bolting, bench drilling, drifting, long-hole drilling in the field of mining, tunneling, quarrying, and construction.

Drill Rod Production Process

If you have needs to buy drill rod, please contact us.


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