Cassava Chips Machine

Cassava Chips ProcessingDescription and Flowchart:

Cassava chips are one kind of chips or slices made from fresh cassava roots, as snacks or animal feed popular in many countries of West Africa and the Caribbean.

Goodway has 27 years of combined experience in the tapioca chips making machineand cassava chips processing machine.

Multiple distinct operations are required in cassava chips processing: washing, peeling, slicing, chips drying and packaging.

We provide below a brief description of the main steps of the cassava chips productionprocess.

Cleaning and Washing Cassava Roots

Wash the fresh cassava roots in clean water to remove the surface mud and sand. It's the first step of cassava chips process and very important for the quality of final cassava chips.

Peeling Cassava Roots

Peel the washed cassava roots to remove the outer brown skin and inner thick cream layer. The water source should be checked regularly to ensure it is not dirty or contaminated.

Cutting Cassava Roots into Wet Cassava Chips

Cut the peeled cassava roots into chips by the high speed rotating circular cutter blade, then cut the chips into strips by the cross cutter blade.

Drying Wet Cassava Chips into Dried Cassava Chips

Dry the wet cassava chips into dried cassava chips with low moisture content by the principle of heat transfer exchange.

If you want to know more about how to produce cassava chips, please visit our website.


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