Custom Parts

WALKSON provides high-quality precision cast components& forging components. Material includes carbon steel, low alloy steel, high chrome white iron, high manganese steel, Stainless steel, Superalloy, Ti-Alloy, Metal ceramic composite material, and bimetal composite. Industries we service include Mining, Mineral Processing, and Oil &Gas industry. Our precision cast products made by casting and customforginggained a reputation from our customers.

Ground Engaging Tools

Typical products are cast lip, teeth, adaptor, shroud, heel corner.

Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) are wear parts with high impact and high abrasion resistance ability. High-performance wear parts optimize your productivity and protect your bottom line. WALKSON supplies a whole range of G.E.T products strictly to your specifications.

Cast Lip




Rigging Components

Bucket Wear Products

WALKSONcan provide professional wear solution and a whole set of wear resistant products, including bimetallic wear plate, chocky bar, wear button, Hi-hard wear liners, mining picks and so on.

Bimetallic Wear Plates

Chocky Wear Bars, Wear Buttons

White Iron Wear Blocks, Wear Bars

Bimetallic Wear Liners/ Pipes

Hardfacing Wear Parts

Hi-chrome Carbide Wear Parts

Ni-hard Wear Liners/ Billets

Shredder Hammer Tips/ Knife Edges

Undercarriage System

Walkson is a qualified supplier of crawler system for large hydraulic excavators and electric rope shovels.

Track Pads/ Crawler Shoe

Sprocket/ Tumbler



Mill Liners

SAG Mill liners, Vertical mill metal ceramic composite mill roller & pan Guide plate, Rotating and static ring, Jaw plate, Cone / Mantle, Blow bar, Hammer, Shoe hammer of VSI Crusher.

CrMo Alloy Liners

White Iron Liners

Manganese Liners

Heavy Engineering Parts

Dragline excavator walking CAM, walking frame, CAM shaft, sheave.

WALKSON specializes in manufacturing large size mechanical components for Customers for various industrial sectors. we have delivered high-quality cast, welded, and forged parts for many customers.

Dragline Stablizer Link

Dragline Walking Frame

Dragline Walking Cam

Propel Shaft

Bubble Shaft

Valve Components

Walkson provides valve components, including check valve, globel valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, and safety valve.

If you want to know more kinds of custom forging parts, please visit our website.


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