A complete range of soil nail system from Sinorock

Sinorock now manufactures and supplies a complete range of   soil nail system and technical services to the related industries,such as the civil and tunnelling industries.Sinorock's manufacturing and supply capability includes:soil nail ,Duplex coating anchor bolt system,Expansion shell anchor
bolt system,Stainless self drilling anchor bolt system,ect.These products are available in different range. Widely used in soil erosion, slope
engineering, mining, construction, tunnel, large cave supporting and restoration of engineering structure.
The new Sinorock soil nail system is based on steel to steel interaction, with a high quality steel bar that travels through a patented, energy-
absorbing element set with resin or cement grout inside the borehole. This system provides a reliable and constant load capacity during yielding.
The Sinorock soil nail system is produced in standard lengths typically used in mining and tunneling, and the displacement capacity is pre-set to
order during manufacturing.
Sinorock soil nail systems are built and designed in compliance with the standard ISO, and as a result, we offer superior in-house expertise in
anchor bolts testing (both static and dynamic). This is carried out in the earliest possible stages of the project to enable the client and
Sinorock designers to adjust and refine soil nail system construction pro-actively, rather than re-actively, later in the project.



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