2 Din Android HQG-6106

2 Din Android HQG-6106

Description of Android 2 Din In-dash Multimedia System HQG-6106

The HQG-6106 Android 2 Din is an in-dash multimedia system with sat nav function and telematics features. Developed and manufactured by Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co., Ltd., the double Din Android device integrates GPS/ GNSS satellite tracking and navigation, music and movie playback, FM/AM radio, video monitoring and surveillance, vehicle diagnostics and alerts, maintenance notice, APP center and etc. With standard universal double Din design, the Hopechart's HQG-6106 is built with ARM Cortex-A9 dual core chipset and video recording module RK1108, and is based on Android operating system V4.4. The double Din Android can fit all types of 12V and 24V vehicles, especially ideal for trucks and coach buses. It can work independently as a dashboard multimedia entertainment system providing music, movide, radio and etc. The double Din can also provide sat nav services thanks to the GPS and GNSS positioning modules built in. With capability of smart mirroring, the 2 Din Android can be connected to smarts with USB cable. Thus, the users can get a much better experience of in-vehicle entertainment. By integrating with our Tbox terminal, tachograph and external sensors, the double Din can provide versatile features such as driver behavior management, fuel consumption monitoring and management, tire pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring, vehicle safety, remote vehicle failure diagnostics and alerts, vehicle repair and maintenance book.The Hopechart double Din Android smart screen system can be pre-installed for OEM manufacturers and post-installed for aftermarket customers. Currently, the 2 Din Android with tachograph terminal have been offered as pre-installed telematics system for some leading truck and bus OEMs like Foton, Shanxi Automobile and Higer. 
  • Specifications






7-inch LCD screen, resolution 800×480,used for displaying UI interface,reverse monitoring, video monitoring and movie playback. Sun shade can be installed.



Capacitive touch screen, support multi touch.


Backlight brightness adjustment

Automatic adjustment or by hand according to time, headlights state.


Buttons on panel

HOME key (with rotary knob), press it to return to main interface, rotate to adjust volume.



Internal memory: 16G EMMC, storing program, navigation map and APPs.External memory: support SD card, USB flash disk and mobile HDD.



Built-in GPS positioning module, used for time correction and navigation.



Support professional navigation software for trucks. Navi mapis upgradable, support real-time traffic information.



Connect with vehicle speaker for audio playback and navigation voice



Play music through Bluetooth.Users can answer the call via Bluetooth. Support functions like Bluetoothdialing, directory enquiry.Bluetooth can be disabled.



FM/AM all band. Support auto search, manual search and memory playback.


Audio playback

Full formats. Support FF, FR, drag, play, pause, list preview and memory playback.


Video playback

Full formats & HD. Support FF, FR, drag, play, pause, list preview and memory playback.


Vehicle information

Displayvehicle configuration, terminal device configuration and vehicle parts catalog.



steering wheel

By integrating relativeagreement, it can realize Last Song, Next Song, Pause/Play, Volume+ and Volume-


Vehicle info display

Working together with our tachograph terminal, it can simultaneously display time and date, vehicle speed (km/h), fuel level (L), GSM signal strength, vehicle state,driver ID, self-checking state, messages, weather and failure reminds.


Program upgrade

Support local upgrading program by SD card and USB disk.


Delayed power-off

By detecting ACC signal, the device can be powered off postponed for 30s.


Boot logo

Can be customized



When vehicle is being driven or the screen has not been touched for a period of time (configurable), the device will enter screensaver. Tap the screen to return to the original interface.


Digital signal output

Support 3-way digital signal detection. When reverse, left turn or right turn,the screen will automatically display the relative camera. From ACC ON toreverse, the reverse camera needs 3 seconds to detect it.


CAN interface

Extended connection with different sensors.


CVBS input

3 channels: 1 for reverse video, the other 2 for blind spot monitoring.



2-way HOST: 1 on the front panel, 1 on throwing wire.


Photo capture

The two cameras beside reverse camera can capture photos and upload tothe monitoring centre.

company: Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co., Ltd.
address: No. 3, Xiyuan 6th Rd, West Lake Hi-Tech Park, Hangzhou, China



至: Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co., Ltd.
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