The telematics box, also known as t-box or black box, is a small device installed in the vehicle to collect vehicle state information and monitor vehicle in real-time. T-box is now widely applied for UBI, timed rent & lease, fleet management, driving behavior management, new energy vehicle remote monitoring and management. Having been focusing on telematics system for commercial vehicles since its establishment, Hopechart has successively developed t-box of 2G, 3G and 4G in order to satisfy different customer demands.Both the HQC111 and HQT401 are tailored, easy to install terminal devices for vehicle tracking and monitoring. Integrated with key features such as GPS positioning, GPRS and 4G mobile network, CAN Bus, gyroscope, bad driving behavior patterns, they can help the fleet supervisors have an insight into the fleet running and driver performance anywhere and anytime. The external accessories like TPMS, ADAS and temperature sensor can be also combined with the t-box to realize more features and functions. Meanwhile, the new energy vehicle manufacturers in China now are installing the t-box system to monitor their vehicles and collect BMS and other CAN data, which can help them improve vehicle design and manufacturing.
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