Rfid inlay

Custom RFID Inlay ManufacturerInlay is an important material in the rfid inlay production. Normally, RFID inlay consists of microchip, antenna and substrate. As a core part of all kinds of RFID products, Inlay quality directly affects the reliability and performance of the finished RFID Inlay Tag.

Owning a rich RFID experience, DTB is very familiar with Inlay's processing and production technology. We can design and produce Inlay which is suitable for various industrial environments and applications according to customer needs.

In addition to RFID dry inlayand RFID wet inlay, DTB also offers RFID prelam in various sizes and thicknesses. For the RFID prelam, DTB uses advanced laminating equipment. In the production process, each production technical parameter conforms to the ISO7810 standard, which makes the finished prelam bond firmly. We have automated wire planting technology and touch welding technology, which makes the performance of RFID prelam very stable.

DTB RFID is a hi-tech rfid solution providerswhich is specialized in RFID products and IOT information system. With many years development, DTB can provide customers with one-stop service including antenna design, card/tag design, manufacturing and chip personalization. Also,DTB products are widely used in event management, supply chain, asset tracking, library management, apparel and retail etc. We will provide you with: 100% quality assurance, fast delivery services, professional services and factory prices. To do the best for all, it is our faith to help DTB move forward. It also helps us to offer better quality and better service to be your best partner in business.

RFID wristband is a convenient and durable RFID product for wearing on the wrist. RFID wristbandsare comfortable to wear and beautiful in appearance, helping to customize the brand image. Therefore, it is loved by enterprises and end-users.


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