Explosion Proof Camera

Intrinsically Safe Camera Meaning

Explosion proof photo camerais used for the exploration, shooting and supervision of disasters and accidents in dangerous places of coal mines and chemical industry, and can provide high resolution digital photos. Xuxin supplies types of intrinsically safe portable cameraor flameproof cameras to choose.

Types of Explosion Proof Hand Held Camera

Explosion-proof SLR Camera

Explosion-proof SLR camera is based on the original camera explosion-proof processing technology, used in coal mine and petrochemical environment to take photos or videos.

Explosion proof Digital Camera

Explosion proof hazardous area digital cameraadopts intrinsically safe explosion-proof technology, which is used in collecting evidence, investigation and environmental data in inflammable and explosive dangerous places. It is an essential photo tool for law enforcement and supervision departments.

Explosion-proof Law Enforcement Recorder

Explosion-proof law enforcement recorder is mainly used in flammable and explosive places, such as: chemical explosion-proof environment in the presence of explosive substances, or in the production of electric sparks, electrostatic sparks, high temperature and other working environment.

Design Advantages of Explosion Proof Handheld Camera


Used For Coal Mine Disaster Exploration

The explosion proof handheld camera is mainly used for coal mine disaster exploration and daily geological cataloging, underground recording production safety, mechanical and electrical equipment operation state, roof support and geological characteristics, etc., can be used for chemical, coal mine hazard site disaster exploration supervision and daily image shooting, can provide high resolution digital photos.


Explosion-proof Camera Battery

Powered by MA certified large-capacity explosion-proof lithium ion battery, the intrinsically safe explosion proof cameras have long service life and are safe and reliable.


Realizes The Safe Explosion-Proof USB Interface

Realizes the safe explosion-proof USB interface and explosion-proof charging interface. The connection of USB interface or charging interface can be realized without opening the explosion-proof cabin, and the operation is simple and convenient.


Built In Flash

The flameproof camera has built-in flash, which can meet the requirements of shooting under dark conditions.


Precautions for Using Explosion Proof Camera

The selection of explosion-proof camera

Must conform to the safety standards of the use place, such as explosion-proof type and explosion-proof type grade and group. When there are two or more kinds of explosive mixtures of different grades and groups in the area, appropriate explosion-proof types should be selected according to the grade and group with higher danger degree. Some petrochemical plant corrosive gas and liquid more serious, should choose anti-corrosion material shell explosion-proof camera. Explosion-proof electrical equipment with potential safety hazards shall not be used, such as lack of fastening screws, no sealing device for cable lead-in device or missing sealing ring, abrasion of flameproof surface, serious corrosion or loss of nameplate.

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