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Vehicle networking means the huge interactive network which revolves around the user's cars and is composed of the information of the vehicle location, speed and route, and so on. It relies on the technology like searching and sensing to collect the information of its own environment and state, and calculates and analyzes the information with the help of communication and big data technology, so as to provide a complete and comprehensive intelligent travel services for the users. Themeet new challenge.With the 5G approaching, concepts like the Internet of things and unmanned cars are accelerating. In 2016, the analysis of the market prospects of the car networking industry believes that the car network is the most important branch of the Internet of things, whose development is quickening. The automation and intelligentization make the driving more efficient, convenient and joyful, which is the future trend of the car network. We expect that the Internet of cars will enter the golden period of rapid development in the next decade.Generally speaking, the prospect of vehicle networking is broad, but security problems need to be solved. According to the market survey and analysis report, it is expected that the size of the car network industry will break through 19 billion yuan this year. By 2020, when the 5G is commercially available, it will break through 50 billion yuan and move towards the high speed development cycle.ContactHopechartfor more telematics products.


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