Graphite Crucible For Melting Precious Metals

Graphite crucible for melting precious metals are made from high quality bonded graphite and pre-grade materials and are designed to handle temperatures at 2900 °F and are therefore capable of handling intense direct heat from open flame bases and high frequency induction furnaces. They are used to melt precious metals, iron and non-ferrous alloys, considering that they are cleaner than our standard crosses. High fire resistance, good chemical resistance, and available in a variety of sizes!

Material Datasheet

Graphite Type

Vibrated Type

Molded Type

Isostatic Type

Bulk Density (g/cm3)




Specific Resistivity (μΩ.m)




 Flexural Strength (Mpa)




Compressive Strength(Mpa)




Elastic Modulus (Gpa)




C.T.E (×10-6/℃)




Ash Content (%)






1.Sizes and shapes are customize produced according to customers' drawings and requirements.

2.ODM, OEM available. Tell us your rough idea or requirement, we will make it come true.


1. Widely used in industrial furnaces.

2.Such as vacuum furnace, induction furnace, sintering furnace, soldering furnace, ion nitriding furnace, tantalum niobium smelting furnace, vaccum quenching furnace and so on.

3.Used in furnaces for production of special ceramics products, such as boron carbide , boron nitride products.


 1.High temperature resistance. Graphite fusion point is 3850±50°C.

 2. Low ash content, high purity, avoids pollution to your products.

 3. Good resistance to heat shock.

 4. Stable thermal field

 5. Well Selected graphite material is easily to machine into any shape you like.

 6. Different grades of graphite material available to be chosen as your specific application.

 7. When customers give specific technical requirements, our product are able to be or over customers' expectation.

 8. Competitive price.


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