Glass Rocks

Colored glass rocks, including blue glass chunksare a new type of luxury building decorate material. TENROADS have been dedicated to glass products for many years, we can give customer best solution for it, offering glass rocks for sale.

All of our glass products are recycled glass. It is processed from various glass sources, including glass bottles, industrial and construction glass, car windshields, waste glass from glass manufacturers, etc. Some of our products are simply broken and tumbled, while other products are melted and re-processed.

Colored glass rocks decorcan be interesting.

Technical Data ofColored Glass Rocks











Advantages of Colored Glass Rocks For Landscaping& Garden

Bright color, no fading, no poison, no smell, no pollution, no cauterization, etc.;

Size: 0.5-1mm, 0.6-1.2mm, 1-2mm, 1.25-2.5mm, 1-3mm, 3-6mm, 6-9mm, etc.

Color: normal white, super white, ocean blue, sky blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, dark amber, European amber, grey, etc..

Application of Colored Glass Chunks For Sale

Glass chunks are a natural, beautiful, and different shape, they can give a very good solution for landscapes decoration

Glass rocks also can be the best choice for Engineered stone, terrazzo, concrete building decoration, tile decoration, Kitchen counter, exterior wall, courtyard, footpath, swimming pool, fire fit, terrazzo glass, screen garden, countertop and so on.

Advantages of TENROAD Colored Glass Rocks

Other Notes of Coloured Glass Rocks

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