ater-preserve intelligent PLC controller


It is made from SUS304 with double door. Fixed Simens 7”touch screen in the panel with characteristics of High-integration, Visual display, easy operation, stable etc. Easy for control of water-preserve.

Monitor the water level of tank from system. Control the water-supply pump, sewage pump, chemical feed pump, filter washing, also can make up water automatically when water shortage.


Schneider Circuit Breakers, Schneider AC contator, Simens CPU, comprehensive pump protection.Simens 7”touch screen.buzzer, Omron intermediate relay.

Ambient: below attitude 2000m, temperature -20℃--+50℃. Relative humidity below 95%, avoide from vibration source 10-55HZ, Avoid corrosive and flammable gases.

Protective grade: IP35, IP33.


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