A modular traileris normally used for transporting heavy loads over 80t. It is generally applicable to the medium and long-distance highway transportation of overweight and ODC cargo (over length, over width, over height, overweight) in construction, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, thermal power equipment, power station construction, heavy machinery manufacturing, oil gas field, bridge, loading and offloading operation, railway construction, and other industries.

Modular trailer for saleis mainly composed of box shape center frame, hydraulic suspension, axle, steering system, hydraulic system, air braking system, power pack, and other components. The modular trailer has the advantages of adjustable platform height, uniform axle load, less turning radius, and so on.


Wheelbase (mm)


Quantity of tires

08 tires / axle

Tire specification


Rim specification

Approach angle (degree)


Departure angle (degree)


Width of Platform (mm)


Height of platform (mm)

1080+ 300


Height of draw rack (mm)

(platform 1080mm)


Steering Mechanism

Full hydraulic trail steering


Hydraulic Suspension

Support mode of platform

3 and 4 points.

Brake system

Dual pipeline control,



Module speed (without load) (km/h)


Loading ability (tons/axle line)

25T 22.5T 15T

5 Km/h 18Km/h 40Km/h

Total suspension stroke (mm)


Maximum steering angle of first wheel



The frame splicing surface is processed by gantry milling, with a more accurate size and no gap on the frame splicing surface.

The side of the frame adopts Goldhofer shape, which is more beautiful and atmospheric.

The laser hollowed-out mark at the pipeline connection is convenient for customers to plug in the hose and is durable.

The frame pipeline is optimized, and all pipelines adopt full-automatic NC elbow to ensure the consistency of pipelines.

The operation box is optimized, which is more beautiful, and the pressure value is more convenient to view. All the inside of the operation box is hard pipes Marked with the interface.

The steering cylinder and suspension cylinder are all Hengli, which is more reliable and durable.

All hydraulic hoses adopt American imported brand Eton.

The modular trailer adopts two-color spraying, gray inside and red outside. At present, only SPMTmodule is sprayed according to this standard.

The tail adopts the form of an integral anti-collision beam, an integrated tail lamp, and the hose can be hidden, which is more beautiful and optional.

All bolt pins are galvanized parts, which are not easy to rust.

The gooseneck adds a high-pressure accumulator to better protect the steering pipeline.

Powerpack upgrade:

① add the air pump.

② The hydraulic pump is a high-pressure inclined shaft pump, which is more durable.

③ The battery voltage is 24 V, which is more suitable for low-temperature working conditions.

The steering system is optimized, the steering is more accurate, and the steering dead center and other problems are solved.

The gooseneck is equipped with an external operation box, which can control the lifting of the rear two points, and the gooseneck + single-vehicle mode is more convenient.


A modular Trailer is a piece of special equipment widely used special transportation of ODC cargo, such as infrastructure, power station, and oil and gas field. It adopts the most advanced design in the world, with light dead weight, extra heavy load capacity, wide application range, reliability, and durability. Modular design is adopted, which can be combined horizontally and vertically; module with 2 ~ 7 axle of a single unit. The combined loading capacity ranges from 50 tons to 3500 tons. The greatest advantage of this series of trailer modular is the possibility of multiple combinations. For large and medium-sized goods with high height, multiple modular loading platforms can be used for horizontal and vertical slicing. Users can make corresponding combinations according to different weights, lengths, and widths of goods, so as to meet the requirements of goods transportation, reduce transportation cost and shorten the transportation cycle, such as equipped with customized turntables and drop deck, trailer modular can be expanded into the flexible trailer and drop deck trailer to transport ultra-long structure and ultra-high goods.


What is the difference between a modular trailer and a self propelled trailer?

Based on the structure of the modular trailer, SPMT is equipped with a power system, and each suspension is changed to an independent suspension. Standardize and modularize the structure shape, and continuously splice the module according to the quality of goods. It integrates computer and micro electric technology, hydraulic technology and wireless communication technology to realize wireless intelligent operation.

Can modular trailers be customized?

Yse, for sure. Modular trailers can be customized.it can be designed to transport of different cargo with its special size. ..., also can meet with client needs to make with different size of module, to achieve for best solution for transport need.

What is a modular trailer?

Modular trailer have 8 tires on each line, every module can be make as 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 as one unit, which can be spliced longitudinally or horizontally; all axles can steering.

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