LQ Series Rotor Pumps

Product Name: LQ series Rotor PumpsProduct Category: Sanitary PumpsI. Product overview:An LQ series colloidal pump is also known as a roots pump,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, a stainless steel rotor pump, a cam pump, a universal conveying pump, a yeast pump, a butterfly pump, a trefoil pump, a soles pump, a spice pump, a thermosol pump, a particle colloidal pump, a slag material pump, a protein slag pump and a high-density stock pump. It relies on two rotors which rotate synchronously reversely at an inlet in the rotating process to produce suction force (vacuum degree) so as to suck materials to be conveyed. The two rotors divide a rotor chamber into several small space and operate in the sequence of a, b, c and d. Only the chamber I is filled with media when the rotors rotate to the position a, part media are sealed in the chamber B when the rotors rotate to the position b, part media are sealed in the chamber A when they rotate to the position c, and when they rotate to the position d, the chamber A, the chamber B and the chamber II are communicated, and media are conveyed to a discharging outlet.II. Product Characteristics:1. All parts in contact with media (materials) are made of high quality stainless steel (SUS304, AISI316, 316L) in full compliance with health standards.2. The pumps are suitable for transporting high viscidity and high density media (materials) containing granules.3. The application temperature is -30 DEG C to 200 DEG C.4. The pump is high in pressure and suitable for long-distance and high-resistance quantitative transportation.5. The rotation speed is low, generally between 200 rpm and 600 rpm, the transported materials can remain original quality without any physical or chemical reactions.6. Rotors are in no contact and free of abrasions for long-time use, and stable running, low noise, high efficiency are achieved.7. The pump is novel in design, easy to install and maintain, convenient to clean, and thereby guaranteeing hygiene of machine inside and production.III. Technical Parameters of Colloidal PumpsProduct modelDisplacement/hundred turns (L)Advised speed regulation range(rpm)Corresponding flow rate(L)Motor power(Kw)Inlet and outlet pipe aperture(mm)LQ3A-66200~500650~16000.75Ø25×1.5LQ3A-88850~21601.5Ø25×1.5LQ3A-12121300~32002.2Ø38×1.5LQ3A-20202100~54003Ø38×1.5LQ3A-3030200~4003200~64004Ø42×1.5LQ3A-36363800~76005.5Ø42×1.5LQ3A-52525600~11000Ø51×1.5LQ3A-66667100~140007.5Ø63.5×2LQ3A-78789000~18000Ø63.5×2LQ3A-10010011000~2200011Ø76×2LQ3A-13513515000~30000Ø89×2LQ3A-16016017000~35000Ø89×2LQ3A-20020020000~4300015Ø100×2IV. Application Range of LQ series Colloidal PumpsBy introducing and absorbing advanced foreign technologies, LQ series colloidal pumps are meticulously designed and developed. Compared with foreign like pumps, the LQ series colloidal pumps have high precision, low cost, fresher appearance, and thereby filling the domestic gaps. They have been widely used in various fields.1. Compared to other pumps, LQ series colloidal pumps mainly have the following differences:A) The pumps are positive displacement pump and can control transport flow precisely and also be made into a variable-displacement pump conveniently; however, output flow of centrifugal pumps is unable to control and decreases along with increasing of own resistance. The LQ series colloidal pumps have strong self-suction ability, while centrifugal pumps must be filled with liquid before running.B) The pump speed is very low, generally between 200rmp and 600rmp, materials being transported are output smoothly, and their components will not be damaged. The rotation speed of the centrifugal pumps is quite high, and materials being conveyed are impacted by strong force and centrifugal force, so that substance compositions are often varied while the centrifugal pump conveys a mixture, bringing down the quality of the finished product. However, the pumps are the best choice to solve this problem, so it is especially suitable for transporting mixed materials and even materials containing solid particles.C) The pumps can be used for conveying high-viscosity substances and are also called colloidal pumps, while the centrifugal pumps lack the property. D) The pumps can be conveniently made into varieties with high output pressure, such as 15kgf/cm2, and it would be suitable for long-distance and high-resistance quantitative transportation.2. Compared with a screw pump (thick stock pump), LQ series colloidal pumps mainly have the following differences:Both belong to positive displacement pumps, so their performances are similar – capable of conveying high-viscosity materials stably. Besides, both kinds of the pumps have high conveying pressure. However, the screw pumps have the greatest weaknesses, which determine that they are not applicable to situations with the hygiene requirement, that is, non-streamlined surface and multiple defects in chambers. Those defects determine that they cannot become sanitary pumps, as polytetrafluoroethylene and rubber damage of the chamber walls is more likely to pollute the materials being conveyed. However, due to the streamline structure of the rotor and basically non dead point and non-metallic pieces in the rotor chamber, strictly speaking, the universal conveying pumps are more suitable for food beverage, medicine and the like industries high in requirement for hygiene. Especially that the automation degree of present production lines is higher and higher, more and more online (on the spot) cleaning (CIP) is used, and all those show the importance of selection of the colloidal pumps.V. Application RangeFood industry: acid milk, fresh cream, ice cream, cheese block, whey, beer, wort, yeast, soda water, fruit concentrated liquid, juice beverage, tomato sauce, fruit mud, vegetables paste, pudding, jam, jelly, seasoning agent, fruit stuffing, sweeteners, yeast mud, salad seasoning materials, bread and cakes, meat paste, ground meat, meat oil, edible oil, candy, syrup, dilute cream stuffing and chocolate.Household chemicals: cream lotion, hair gel, hair dye, olein, toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, cosmetics, bath essence, soap, balsam and so on.Pharmaceutical industry: various types of pill paste, extract, emulgator, syrup, nutrient, Chinese patent medicine, creamy agent, biological products, oleum morrhuae, pollen, royal jelly and vaccines.Chemical industry: fats, solvents, resins and polymers, paints, pigments, dyes, paints, lubricants, grease, petroleum catalyst, emulsification pitch, adhesives, detergents, plastics, explosives, glass, leather, etc.Construction industry: a variety of paints, including interior and exterior wall coatings, antiseptic waterproof coatings, cold porcelain coatings, multi-color paints, ceramic glazes and so on.Other industries: plastics industry, textile industry, paper industry, coal floating agent, nano-materials, bio-chemical, etc..LQ series rotor pump (instructions)I. Sketch1. double-row ball bearing 2. mechanical seal for pump 3. O-shaped seal ring 4. pump surface cover 5. trefoil pump wheel 6. pump body 7. double-head stud 8.bearing gland 9. bearing support 10. gear round box 11. cone roller bearing 12. drive shaft 13.main drive shaft 14. gear box rear cover 15.oblique gear (pair) 16. oil seal 17. O-shaped seal circleII. InstallationThe pump is not provided with a motor, an adjustment device, a base board and other accessories, so that when the pump is installed, please refer to the following drawing (installation diagram) and motor power and highest limited speed in the previous technology parameter table, select the appropriate model of motor (preferably, an adjustable-speed motor) and a pair of elastic coupling, and fabricate a stainless steel base board according to the pump and the central height of the selected pump. At the time of installation, pay attention to several problems:1. Pump and motor shaft connection. Levels of the pump and the motor shaft shall be corrected firstly respectively; otherwise, it can cause damage to parts.2. The pump is constant in volume, displacement per turn is fixed, once the previous procedure is stopped for some reason, but the pump is still running, and pump pressure would rise indefinitely, leading incidents of seal leakage, part damage and the like, and accordingly effective preventive measures must be taken.Examples: firstly, the previous process and the following process should be interlocked, when the previous process and the following process are stopped, the pump shall be stopped. Secondly, a safety valve and an overpressure loop system can be mounted on an output pipe, and unloading can be performed automatically once overpressure 3. A control valve can only be arranged on an inlet pipe of the pump if installed, it is not appropriate to mount a control valve on an outlet pipe, which can cause faults and overpressure.After installation, perform complete inspection part firmness, including electrical wiring, etc., then rotate the pump for 3 to 5 turns with hands to observe and listen whether there is blockage or loosening till the pump is normal, power on for trial running, stop repair if abnormity is found, and put the pump into service after all is normal.III. OperationThe pump is easy and safe to operate and starts to work normally as soon as a button is pressed and power is connected. So as to ensure that the pump can work better, you should also pay attention to the following points:1. Before starting the pump: check whether parts of the pump are intact and whether valves on pipes are fully opened, in short, it must be ensured that parts are intact, and pipes are unblocked.2. At the time of starting the pump: it is necessary to make equipment of the next process start working first, and then start the pump.3. During its operation, pay attention to motions of the pump at any time, stop the pump timely in the situations of cut-off flow in front of the pump or blockage behind the pump, and starting the pump after trouble clearing.4. Shut down the devices in sequence according to the process when all the line is stopped, that is, stop the pump first, and then stop related equipment after behind the pump.For any mechanical equipment, maintenance at ordinary times not only reflect whether production is normal but also directly affect the service life of machinery, and a pump, is no exception, of course, so that users must pay attention to the following maintenance work:1. Seal pieces and seals of the pump are divided into static seals and moving seals. The surface of seal rings for sealing static pieces shall not be scratched or bruised, otherwise, the seal effect will be affected directly; moving pieces can be affected by a large number of factors, such as pressure, corrosion of conveying media and abrasions caused by particles in media (see figure a, piece 2), and leaks might occur with any carelessness. The devices should be stopped for repairing once products leak, wipe the pieces clean with clean soft cotton cloth, apply a layer of glycerine, after assembly, first try by hand and then start the machine, and the pieces should be replaced with new ones if they cannot be repaired.2. Lubricating parts such as transmission gears and rolling bearings of the pump must be kept in good conditions of lubrication (see figure a, part 15, article 1 and 11), the height of oil level in the gears should be watched constantly, sufficient lubrication oil should be provided for the lubricating parts to ensure purity and cleanliness of oil, and oil ought to be replaced regularly (once for six months or one year)3. For electrical systems, instruments, substances or gas causing damage to insulation are not allowed to be stored around electrical equipment. Meanwhile, the electrical equipment must be kept to work in the dry environment, and moisture-proof facilities should be added if moisture is difficult to avoid.4. For daily maintenance, corresponding cleaning agent will be selected according to the nature of materials when the pump is stopped and not in service to clean the pump effectively, and the pump is cleaned by clean water finally to guarantee the cleanliness of the pump.LQ series rotor pump (overall dimension)Product ModelRLHH 1WW 1NotesLQ3A-6Ø50.5780390170190240Connector connecting mode:hoop thread flangeLQ3A-8Ø50.5850400170190280LQ3A-12Ø50.5980450185220330LQ3A-20Ø50.51000450190250330LQ3A-30Ø63.51050480220270350LQ3A-36Ø63.51100490220270360LQ3A-52Ø77.51250580260270480LQ3A-66Ø77.51250600260270480LQ3A-78Ø77.51270600295370480LQ3A-100Ø911320670295370480LQ3A-135Ø1061500670295370480LQ3A-160Ø1061600700310380500LQ3A-200Ø1191650700310380500Notes: * Unit in the table is mm, connector dimensions in the table, interface dimensions of the table often adopt the diameter dimension of the hoop quick-installation type connection end (connectors can adopt thread quick-installation, flanges, etc., and the specific inlet and outlet size is omitted).* The product can be specially made according to users ' special requirements or specifications.* If products do not affect the basic structure and performance improvement, no further notice.LQ series rotor pump (overall dimension)Product ModelDisplacement/turn(L)Advised speed regulation range(rpm)Corresponding flow rate    (L)Motor power(Kw)inlet and outlet pipe aperture(mm)LQ3A-66200~500650~16000.75Ø25×1.5LQ3A-88850~21601.5Ø25×1.5LQ3A-12121300~32002.2Ø38×1.5LQ3A-20202100~54003Ø38×1.5LQ3A-3030200~4003200~64004Ø42×1.5LQ3A-36363800~76005.5Ø42×1.5LQ3A-52525600~11000Ø51×1.5LQ3A-66667100~140007.5Ø63.5×2LQ3A-78789000~18000Ø63.5×2LQ3A-10010011000~2200011Ø76×2LQ3A-13513515000~30000Ø89×2LQ3A-16016017000~35000Ø89×2LQ3A-20020020000~4300015Ø100×2


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