SYL Hand-operating Pressure Test Pump

Product name:SYL Manual Pressure Test PumpProduct category: Pressure Test Pump1.Product OverviewThe manual Pressure Test Pump produced by our company is the main test instrument to measure pressure vessel equipment. Its maximum working pressure can be up to 800kg/cm2 and the hydrostatic test can be done by correct pressure in any stage within 0 ~ 800kg /cm2. It has been widely used in chemical,Website:, construction, plumbing, oil, coal, metallurgy, scientific systems, shipbuilding and other industries. It's used to specially test various pressure vessels and pressure equipment, piping, valves, rubber fittings and other pressure devices for pressure purposes.2. Performance Characteristics:The Pressure Test Pump produced by our company has the following features: the structure is compact and reasonable. It saves labor to be operated. The complete machine is light and convenient to be repaired. And it has greatly improved the working efficiency.3. Performance Parameters Table for SYL Manual Pressure Test Pump:ModelRated Discharge PressurempaFlow Rate Per Timeml/timeHandle Flow EffortnPump WeightkgOverall Dimension(L×W×H)mmSYL-40/1.61.640<30010320×165×410SYL-39/2.52.539<30010320×165×410SYL-32/44.032<30012340×165×460SYL-31/6.36.331<30012340×165×460SYL-22/101022<30015380×185×510SYL-13/161613<36015380×185×510SYL-12/202012<36015380×185×510SYL-9/25259<36015380×185×510SYL-7/40407<40020380×200×620SYL-5.5/63635.5<40020380×200×620SYL-4/80804<40020380×200×6204. Structure and Working Principle:The series of manual Pressure Test Pump consist of the pump body, plunger, seal ring, control valves, pressure gauge and water tank and so on. Their working principles are summarized respectively as follows:When the plunger is lifted upwards by the handle, vacuum is generated inside the pump. The inlet valve opens, and the clear water comes into the pump body through the inlet filter screen and water inlet. The inlet valve will be closed when the handle pushes with efforts. Then the outlet valve opens and the pressure water outputs and enters into the device which will be tested. The working is done repeatedly to realize the rated pressure, which is all the test about.5. Operation and Maintenance:1. Before the use of the Pressure Test Pump, the joints of each part should be checked in details to see if they are fastened and the pressure gauge should be checked to see if it works normal and the inlet and outlet water pipe should be checked to see if it's installed well. The working medium of this pump is 5 ~ 50 ° C water, emulsion or the oil feeder with the kinematic viscosity <45mm2/s. The unclean water with sediment and other pollutants is prohibited to be used. 2. In order to improve the pressure test efficiency, the container or vessel which will be tested should be filled with water first and then the water let of Pressure Test Pump can be connected3. In the process of pressure test, if mass air in the water is found, the water drain valve can be turned on to let out the air.4. If any subtle seepage phenomenon is found during the pressure test process, the work should be stopped immediately and the check and repair should be carried out. Continuing to increase pressure under the condition of seepage is strictly prohibited. 5. When the pressure test is finished, loosen the water drain valve first to decrease the pressure in order not to damage the pressure gauge.6. If the Pressure Test Pump is not used, please try to get all the water inside the pump out and inhale small amount of machine oil to prevent the corrosion.


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