rongalite.CAS: 149-44-0

Product name:             Rongalite; Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate;Sodium hydroxymethylsulfonate

CAS NO:                  149-44-0

Molecular Formula:         NaHSO2 *CH2O*2H2O

Molecular Weight:          154.12

Appearance:               Rongalite is a salt with strong reducing, White setting block or granular, powder

Purity:                     98% Packing :                   50kg iron drums with double polyethylene liner.

Loading capacity of 20GP:    21MT

Hazardous Grade:           Not a DOT controlled material

Place of origin:                        Hubei Province, China

Annual output:                        6000MT

Delivery Port:                          Yangsi Port, Wuhan City or China Main port


  1. Properties

Physical properties:

Density:                    1.8                                

Melting point:             64℃Fusion heat:                54.84KJ/mol(13.2Kcal/mol)Moisture absorption point:    relative humidity 60% Stable point <50℃Solubility:                  20℃,Rongalite :water=1:1.2(45%)                       70℃,Rongalite :water=1:1(50%)Chemical properties a)hygroscopic, decomposition point: 80℃, desorb H2s, Need drying temperature preservation.


b)completedecomposition point: 110℃. (The strongest reductive ability.)

NaHSO2•CH2O-→NaHSO2+CH2O NaHSO2+H2O-→NaHSO2+2[H] c)Rongalite PH value>8,If PH>3 then release n hydrogen sulphide。 d)NaHSO2 •CH2O+2H2O+1I2-→NaHSO4+4HI+CH2O 2.Quality standard: HG 2281-1992 Index name                        Index Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate %≥  98.0 Dissolve state                       Water is clear or slightly turbid sulfide                             Not  black odor                               No odor or A little leek smell 3. Applications:

Mainly used in printing industry as discharge agents, color, reductant and used for styrenebutadiene rubber and synthetic resin activator, also used in some of the organic decoloring and bleaching (e.g., synthetic rubber, sugar, food industry as bleach), under certain conditions can be used instead of insurance powder. Not used for food importation bleaching.




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