Easy Dyeing Spandex

How to dye nylon spandex? As a textile filamentmarket player, Highsun uses acid dyes for dyeing nylon spandexfabrics. Highsun spandex / lycra spandexcan significantly solve the issue that normal spandex has a low dyeing rate and light yarn color. Easy Dyeing Spandex significantly improved the dyeing performance in acid dyes. Compare with common spandex, the fabric defects of nylon lycracan be improved after being weaved with nylon yarn, and competing dyeing can be avoided.

The Features of Easy Dyeing Spandex

  • The dyeing rate and colorfastness are excellent in the acid dyes. The cloth color after weaving is strong and the dyeing is even.
  • Excellent evenness, good elastic recovery performance.
  • No color agent needed, low cost, save energy, and reduce emission.


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