Nylon 6 Wicking Yarn

With a unique spinning method, the Nylon 6 wicking yarnsurface has small grooves. Liquid sweat can enter the fabric internal surface and exit to the external surface by capillary effect, then evaporate into vapor and diffuse to air rapidly. Thus it keeps skin dry and fresh.

Wicking function is by the cross-section fibers, change the fibrous tissue structure or add hydrophilic absorbent in the fabric to enhance the rate at which the fabric absorbs sweat moisture, which makes your skin keep dry and comfortable.

Features of Nylon 6 Wicking Yarn

Moisture-retentive and quick-drying.

Not affected by washing times.

The Production Range of Nylon 6 Wicking Yarn

The table only lists common specifications. Consulted our sales rep. for others.




FDYWicking Yarn





DTYWicking Yarn





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