Smart Washer

Smart Washer

The smart touch washersupports different rates (prices) with different types of washing selections.

And the whole series of best smart washersare OEM by a top brand manufacturer in China. So all smart front &top load washers are of guaranteed quality for sure.

Smart Touch Washer Specifications

Product Name

Model No.

Rated Washing Capacity

Rated Power Supply

Rated Frequency

Smart Washer



220-240 V




220-240 V




220-240 V




220-240 V


How to Use Smart Washer?

For merchants, they can set the washing services and the prices on the PayBloxbusiness platform. And the package of services will show to consumers when they scan the QR code on the smart front load washer ot the smart top load washer. Meanwhile, merchants can keep track of the smart washers and manage them on the platform.

For consumers, there are five steps to buy washing services from the smart washer.

Step 1: Download the PayBlox APP from the Apple App store/Android Google Play store (It's free to download).

Step 2: Register an account

Step 3: Recharge their wallet

Step 4: Scan the QR code on the cashless washing machines

Step 5: Choose the laundry service and finish the payment

Benefits of Smart Washer

Pay by Mobile

Customers can select the washing mode and finish the payment on the PayBlox App. Then the smart washer will work automatically.

Flexible Options

Various washing modes meet different needs of your customers. And you can set and change the price of each mode on the PayBlox business platform.

Auto Clean

High-speed water flow clears dirt residues off the inner and outer drum to prevent secondary pollution of the clothes.


Faster and stronger washing rhythm compared to normal wash. 40% time saving to reach same washing performance.

As one of the top iot device manufacturers and iot manufacturing companies, PayBlox all-in-one cashless payment solutionswith management platforms utilizes the consumer's smart connectivity to enable payments for everyday purchases on any machine, including laundry equipment, coffee machines, water dispensers, charging piles, car wash equipment, etc... You can not only increase your sales but also meet the needs of consumers' seamless self-service experiences.


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