RF Slimming Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

NBW-S100 40k ultrasonic cavitation machinecombines three technologies of ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum. An all-in-one machine that integrates body slimming, skin tightening, face slimming, massage, and relaxation.

Benefits of RF Slimming Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

Lose weight

Remove cellulite, shrink waistline, shape perfect body curve.

Anti wrinkle

Remove crow's feet and improve the skin around the eyes.

Lift and tighten

Tighten the skin and enhance skin elasticity.

Relaxing massage

Accelerate metabolism, promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Smart system

Humanized design software system, easy to operate.

Various handles

Four kinds of handles are standard, which can cover the treatment needs of all parts of the body.

Working Principle of RF Slimming Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

RF cavitation machineuses sound waves/frequency to break down the fat cell walls, which causes the fat cells to "leak" their contents into the fluid spaces of your body From there, your lymphatic system absorbs this waste (loose fat) and It begins to circulate through your body until it can be processed by the liver and passed out through sweat, urine, and stool. Results are visible immediately, but the process may take a few days, during which time you will continue to experience results.

Technology of RF Slimming Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

Double-click radio frequency: The X, Y, and Z triaxial columnar distribution of radio frequency energy in the subcutaneous tissue increases the temperature of the tissue and enhances the activity of lipolytic enzymes. It can fully release the triglycerides in the fat cells. Under the action of lipase, the triglycerides are split into fatty acids and glycerol, which are excreted with metabolism.

Vacuum negative pressure: The maximum negative pressure suction output of 80KPa can fully absorb all layers of various skin tissues between the bipolar radio frequency, so that the radio frequency energy can reach the subcutaneous tissue (fat layer) more effectively. At the same time, the negative pressure The absorption effect can fully relax the skin and muscle tissue, and relieve the fatigue of the skin and muscle tissue.

Negative pressure fat bursting: use the strong vibration emitted by 60HZ low-frequency ultrasonic waves to bring strong vibration to the fat cells, effectively deal with the cavitation effect formed by stubborn thick and hard cellulite inside and outside the fat cells, and the resulting positive and negative levels alternately change Uneven pressure on the inside and outside of the fat cell membrane will cause it to explode naturally.

Applications of RF Slimming Ultrasonic 40KCavitation Machine

Smooth fine wrinkles, shrink pores

Make the skin moist

Enhance lymphatic and blood circulation.

Get rid of facial redness

Eliminate slow acne scars

Promote collagen and cell activation

Improve skin activity and toughness

Increase the speed of metabolism, speed up the body to excrete waste and excessive water

Reduce stretch marks

Relax muscles, relieve muscle spasms, relieve muscle pain

To tighten muscles of the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, lower back, abdominal muscles, re-shaping body contour

Effectively improve the orange peel-like skin of the buttocks and thighs, while also helps in postpartum or after effect of liposuction in the abdomen area

Beijing Nubwaybeauty machines for sale have been marketed to different regions of the world and have earned good credibility and popularity. Our product treatments mainly include hair removal, body slimming and shaping, skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing, and pigment removal. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


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