Water Quality Analyzers

Are you looking for equipment for testing water quality?

Hangzhou Zetian Technology Co., Ltd. is the only domestic water testing instruments manufacturerwith five analysis technical platforms which are LED colorimetric platform, full spectrum colorimetric platform, cold atomic absorption colorimetric platform, anodic dissolution platform and electrode method platform. These five kinds of analysis platform can measure the common pollution factors in water, including COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and heavy metals such as copper, chromium, lead, zinc, mercury, arsenic, etc. At the same time, using the full spectrum colorimetric platform or anodic dissolution platform also can realize COD/ ammonia nitrogen integrated system, total phosphorus/ total nitrogen integrated system, and all kinds of heavy metal integrated system, etc.

The device for measuring water qualityof Hangzhou Zetian Technology Co., Ltd. hasbeen experienced years of on-site validation, stable and reliable, low failure rate.

Peristaltic Pump Tube:

The United States imported special rubber hose, long service life, a tube can use more than one year.

Sample Module:

Homemade sampling module uses the high pure PTFE material, disassembly easy to clean or replace, reliable operation, every channel is completely isolated.

Control System:

(1)Control solenoid valve uses non-contact electronic switch, no mechanical life.

(2) Homemade control unit, after years of verification, low fault rate, high reliability, modular design, low maintenance cost.

Instrument Protection-Grounding Design:

Instruments have high-level intelligence, such as reagents fault adding warning (especially H2SO4 used in COD, if it is not H2SO4, it is likely to lead digestion tube burst), leakage protection (if there is leakage, the instrument will report errors), pressure relief valve (making pressure in digestion tube within a certain range).

All the external interface and main circuit of equipment is in isolation, which makes the normal sample without the outside interference. Especially for unequal potential connection, its effect is particularly evident.

In analog circuits (measurement module) also made electrical isolation, which makes the minimum possible interference on measurement.

Measuring Parts:

Modulating optical measurement makes no influence of external light on measurement, it is more stable.

External Interface:

Largest configuration has 2×4-20 mA output, 4×4-20 mA input, 2 switch input, 2 switch output, can access the PH meter, flow meter, ss and other equipment, and can display on the main interface.

Technology Platform:

It has five measuring platforms, suitable for the needs of different applications.

HANGZHOU ZETIAN TECHNOLOGY, established in 2008, is one of the most professional water quality equipment suppliersin China. Welcome you to visit us if you are looking for water quality testing supplies. Currently, we are looking for certificated distributor and OEM clients throughout the world. R&D cooperation is also welcomed. If you have any interest, please contact us!


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