Hydra Tooth holder

roller disc cutter/TBM cutter
1)best alloy steel and tungsten carbide tips
2) special welding
3) Special heat treatment

We can supply all kinds of scraper cutter, side cutter and disc cutter.
We are a professional manufacturer of TBM cutters, foundation tools, mining tools, rock drilling tools, and other BETEK products: such as BFZ80, B75, BFZ65/2, B165, etc.


 Our products adapt high quality steel and carbide material, using forging, machine and welding producing process to make a finished products. So our products have high toughness, wearable and long lifespan characters.

 We promise to supply high quality goods and perfect after services


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Hydra Tooth holder
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Hydra Tooth holder
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Hydra Tooth holder
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