coal fines briquette machine

  • Feeding Size:<5mm
  • Capacity:0.9-17T/H
  • Raw Material:coal powder, coal gangue, soft coal, anthrocite coal, coke, white coal, coking coal, pertroleum coke, bituminous coal.
  • Advantages:mechanical pressure, disc spring pressure. Wearable 65Mn foundry technology roller. The briquetting ratio reaches 98%.

Coal fines briquette machine is also called coal powder molding machine, it is used to briquette coal powder, coal gangue, soft coal, anthrocite coal, etc. Belongs tocold briquetting technology; In production, it can produce popularbriquette shapes, like oval shape, pillow shape and square shape, etc. inhigh density, strong strength and high hardnessthrough adding some kind of binder material, so customers are more like it. Its structure is composed of three parts: feeding system, transmission system and briquetting system.XM290 modelcoal fines briquette machine is often as atrial ordergoes to customer site for small size and easy maintenance.

(1) Power motor drives reducer through belt pulley, then reducer gives driving force to drive roller through coupling. Final, drive roller acts on driven roller.

(2) When feeding powdery material into two rollers, they begin to rotate in opposite direction. The pocket hole on each roller will be filled up.

(3) When two rollers goes to their contact point, the pressure reaches peak. Under enormous pressure, the powdery material are pressed into finished briquettes.

(4) These fresh finished briquettes are conveyed by discharge belt, and deliver to next process. The leftover powdery will be returned back for remould.



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