hydraulic briquette machine

  • Feeding Size:0-10mm, better <5mm
  • Capacity:6.5-20t/h
  • Raw Material:mill scale, chrome powder, manganese powder, copper concentrate, etc.
  • Application:Test is to drop from 3 meters *3 times, there is no crack or broken. Briquetting ratio is less than 10% of

In order to ensure hydraulic briquette machine is in good running quality and hardness mechanical strength of finished briquettes, special attention to the feeding size better to maintaine below 5mm, preferable size better at 30-40% smaller than 1-2 mm, with no more than 10% over 5mm. This hydraulic briquette machine design for 12-15% moisture content material briquetting.

Hydraulic briquette machine can be listed into briquette press machine, dry powder briquette machine, high pressure briquette machine. Briquette press machine is also called wet briquette machine, because in molding, material need to add binder and water; high pressure briquette machine is mainly used in smelting industry various mineral powder briquetting.

This series of hydraulic briquette machine will pass the power on to the two pressure roller through the reducer.The two sides roller runing rotate, natural material goes to briquette hopper, and be moulded by die holes on each rollers.

When two rollers reach to contact point, the briquetting pressure goes to top, then briquettes to be squeezed successfully. With the pressure become smaller and smaller, and briquettes to be off moulding gradually. Tremendous pressure gives continuously, the feeding material convert into fresh briquette bit by bit.



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