Co-extrusion Decking

Co-extrusion decking is also called "capped" or "cover" decking using the latest technology co-extrusion. Before Co-extrusion decking, the composite decking was uncapped, but Co-extrusion WPC has a "cover" that provides added protection against the elements and everyday living while the extruded surface is made of multi engineer plastic with an outer shell of plastic that completely encapsulates the board in an impermeable layer of protection from scratches, stain and fading. Co-extrusion composite decking(co extruded decking)is the smart way to get a great-looking, long-lasting board. The shield and core are extruded simultaneously, so there are no adhesives or chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Although We have put ourselves into high-performance China WPC deckingfor 10 years, there is no end on technology and performance, we treat every client as our long cooperation friends, to decorate your yard more beautiful, to make your WPC decking projects more stable and attractive.

Natural surface and stable quality make the second generation Co extrusion decking become more and more popular in the yard. Capped with high performance and moisture-resistant polymer, Co extrusion decking is free of stains and moisture. With a full series of accessories, you will find it is a joy to install this decking. It combines the advantages of wood and plastic, but reduces the need for repetitive and wasteful maintenance, and decreases the amount of attention and money will needed to spend on repairs.

You will always find the decking you need, because Sundi has the most comprehensive series of decking from co-extrusion decking to deep pattern decking, from traditional decking to Adamas decking, from rubber co-extrusion decking to decking tiles, Sundi has the different producing lines to produce different generation decking.

Hollow Deck

WPC Co-extrusion decking SLD138H23


Width: 138 mm

Thickness: 23 mm

Standard Length: 2200 mm, 2900 mm

Applied Range: Decking of residential area, villa garden and private yard

Joist Span: For Sundi comman WPC, ≦350 mm, For Sundi Adamas D series WPC, ≦450 mm, For Sundi Adamas H WPC, ≦550 mm


至: Nanjing Xuhua Sundi New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
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