WPC Railing

When you have a villa or a house, consider using wooden like WPC to build the railing in the yard. WPC handrails do not require maintenance and can be installed using Sundi's full set of accessories, which is also fun.

The service life of wood composite railing is up to 15 years. Wood Plastic Composite is a hybrid composite fence material that combines the quality of wood with the ease of processing of plastic. WPC can be used as a composite railing material that has replaced natural wood because it is made from waste wood and recycled plastic. WPC garden fence is sustainable and durable compared to plastic fencing.

The wood plastic composite fence panels can be installed on the periphery of the house or around the garden, which is an important barrier against animals and other intruders.

You can always find the required wood plastic composite fencing railings here. As one of the top wpc fence manufacturer, Sundi has the most comprehensive WPC railing series and different product lines that can produce different plastic wood railings.

Advantages of Composite Wood Fence Panels

WPC fence with wpc postare beautiful and elegant railing in your villa, park and courtyard;

WPC fence panels are easy and comfortable to install with full accessories;

WPC fence panels are flexible design proposal, General WPC has more wooden surface, co-extrusion WPC has a more modern appearance;

WPC fence panels are long-lasting and easy-going colors.

Preparing for Composite Railing Installation

Prior to construction, keep the following in mind.

Local regulations: check with your local regulatory agency for special code requirements in your area.

Safety: Make sure to wear appropriate safety gear to protect yourself from any injuries.

Tools: You may use standard woodworking tools to install our WPC fence wood plastic panels.

Environment: To correctly install our WPC fence wood plastic boards, you should always use a smooth, flat, strong, and clean surface. If you don't begin your installation immediately, you must store our wood hollow profile WPC decking fenceboards on a flat surface at all times.

Construction: You may not use our products as support posts, columns, beams, joist stringers, or any other kind of load-bearing member. All products must be supported by a substructure that complies with code.

Static: Static is more common in high-altitude areas because humidity levels are lower. If you live in a high-elevation, be cautious about using objects like metal chairs and railings, as static shock could occur more frequently. One possible way to reduce the number of static shocks is by using anti-static mats in front of your doorways.

Draw a layout: Before beginning your installation, plan a design. Make sure always measure prior to installation.

Obtain the necessary permits: You will likely need to obtain deck permits before building your deck. The application process for your deck permits is rather easy, although some planning is required.

Sundi is one of the professional China WPC fence boards suppliersand is honored to offer you high-quality WPC fence wood plastic panels. If you are looking for suitable China WPC fence boards, please feel free to contact us.

As one of the most professional china wpc cladding manufacturers, sundi wpcprovide wpc composite products, china wpc deckingand etc. If you want to know more? Contact us.


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