Silo Net & Gravel Bags

Information about Silo Net

Silo Net serves as a storage function for storing silage and is used to protect silage. For farmers to avoid animals and severe weather damage. Whether it is birds, mice, dogs, cattle and other animals or strong wind, hail, even to sharp objects such as branches, may cause silage damage and corruption.

Silo Nethas a closed, sturdy structure for protection, the edges are firmly sealed, which not only takes into account time-saving, quick and easy using, but also prevents the cover from being worn or torn and ensures a long-lasting lifespan.

Silo Net is woven from 100% virgin HDPE monofilaments and are UV stabilized. The lifespan is over 7 years. With many years of production experience, and under strict quality control of manufacturing processes, we believe that this product is your best choice.

Specification of Silo Net


100% New HDPE +UV

Weaving composition

20*18 mesh

Thickness of yarn

Weight per sqm

220gr and 240gr


Dark green


8*10m, 10*12m, 12*15m, 14*16m, 16*18m, 18*20m

Information about Gravel Bags

Gravel bag is also named as HDPE woven silo sand bag, which is manufactured of 100% virgin HPDE with good UV treated protection. Gravel bags for silage bags offer a convenient and effective solution for sealing silage bunkers and piles. Gravel bags, once filled, hold a silage cover in place and make a more complete seal. Due to their flexibility, the bags are able to make a much better seal against the silage pit sidewall than tyres. The integral handle makes moving the bags a simple task. As the new substitute goods of worn-out tires , avoid the damage of tires' sulfide。

Fill the gravel bags with 2cm pea gravel or stones to within 25cm of the top. Zip tie to 10-15cm from the top When filled with pea gravel they weigh approximately 15 kg. Do not overfill the bags. They need to remain flexible to avoid bursting if dropped.

Feature of Gravel Bags:

UV stabilized, robust woven netting material with a lifespan of at least 5 years.

Chemical resistance ,Corrosion resistance.

Eliminate tyres for an easier, safer and more environmentally friendly weighting solution

The oblong shape ensures the maximum sealing effectiveness when laid along seams and edges

Pallet storage is simple and tidy.

Quick and easy to move as silage is taken from the face

Specification ofGravel Bags


100% New HDPE +UV




110g/pc, 120g/pc, 125g/pc, 130g/pc


Dark green or customized

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