Magnetic Hooks

Based on different structure features, there are magnetic tool hooks available: magnetic carabiner hooks, reversible magnetic hooks, rotate magnetic hooks, swinging magnetic hooks, ceiling magnetic hooks, etc.

Meank Magnetics is one of leading magnetic hooks manufacturers in China, we have wide selection range on neodymium magnet hooks, and it will continues to enlarge. The magnetic hooks made by us have powerful magnetic force, which is with smooth and clean surface, and meet the requirement for supermarkets. We hope our neodymium magnet hooks make your decorating easier and simple.

We not only supply neodymium magnet hooks but also provide magnetic hang solutions for clients, if you can't find suitable magnetic tool hooks for you, also welcome you to contact us for unique designs.

Types of Powerful Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks are prevailed these years, as a very useful magnets assembly/magnetic tools, the product can be used almost anytime and anywhere. They are attracted to other metal surfaces to hang different things at home, office, workshop,etc.

According to the permanent magnets often used, magnetic hooks can be divided into neodymium magnet hooks which are strong magnetic hooks used to hang heavier objects and ferrite magnetic hooks which have a weaker magnetic force and but cheaper. Others magnetic hooks are seldom used because of a higher price, such as SmCo magnetic hooks and AlNiCo magnetic hooks. The above magnetic hooks for sale in Meankare made of hard magnetic materials made in china with stronger magnetic force.

According to the working place, magnetic hooks can be divided into ceiling magnetic hooks and wall magnetic hooks, fridge magnetic hooks, magnetic door hooks, kitchen magnetic hooks and etc.

According to the accessory material used, magnetic hooks can be divided into plastic magnetic hooks and rubber coated magnetic hooks, which are waterproof magnetic hooks and will not cause broke and mark on the contact surface.

Applications of Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic eyelet hooks that made of neodymium material are used as fishing magnets.

Magnetic hooks can be used on metal doors to hang umbrellas,bags,keys and other daily supplies.You can use magnetic hooks for ceiling drapes to realize rapidly installation.

You can use magnetic ceiling hookfor classrooms decorating.

Features of Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks feature as small volume and strong holding force,which can meet most of the needs of daily life.

Magnetic hooks are easy to use and remove,no drilling and no trace by using magnetic hooks.

Magnetic hook has permanent magnetic force and can be used repeatedly,buy one magnetic hook to use forever.

Benifits of Using Magnetic Hooks from Meank Magnetics

Complete types of magnetic hooks are available in meank Magnetics.

All magnetic hooks are made of standard magnetic materials with stronger magnetic force.

The electroplating quality of Meank’s magnetic hook is qualified, the corrosion resistance is better, and the service life is longer.

Different packaging requirements for magnetic hooks can be achieved.

FAQs about magnetic hooks

From the perspective of magnetic materials, neodymium magnetic hooks are the most powerful magnetic hooks.

Choose the appropriate type according to the use scenario, for example, choose rubber coated magnetic hooks for fridge or door.

Choose the right size and magnetic force according to the weight of the hanging object. For example, choose strong neodymium magnetic hooks for heavy duty hanging and choose plastic magnetic hooks to hang light objects.

Swivel magnetic hook is the best seller of magnetic hooks in Meank Magnetics. It be used as the magnetic ceiling hook and wall hook.

If you are looking for a reliable holding magnets manufacturer, don't hesitate to contact us!


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