Name: Polydimethylsiloxane (Methyl Silicone Oil)

Melt Point (℃): -59

Spontaneous combustion point (℃): 450

Saturated vapor pressure (KPa): No Data

Explosive: No Data


Soluble in benzene, toluene, ethylene, ethyl ether, partially soluble in ethanol, butanol, acetone, insoluble in cyclohexanol, paraffin oil, vegetable oil and methanol.

Description of polydimethylsiloxane fluid

Polydimethylsiloxane is a hydrophobic type of silicone material. It is used in various fields such as pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, food, and construction, and its derivatives have reached hundreds of species.

The chemical state of polydimethylsiloxane silicone oil, depending on the relative molecular mass, the appearance from colorless and transparent volatile liquid to very high viscosity liquid or silicone, odorless, high transparency, heat resistance, cold resistance, small change in viscosity with temperature, water resistance, small surface tension, with thermal conductivity. Light transmission is 100% light transmission. hydroxy terminated pdmslis non-toxic and tasteless, with physiological inertia, good chemical stability. Electrical insulation and weather resistance, good hydrophobicity, and has a high shear resistance, which can be used for a long time under -50 ℃ ~ 200 ℃. With excellent physical properties, it can be directly used for moisture-proof insulation, damping, shock absorption, defoaming, lubrication, polishing, etc. It is widely used as insulation and lubrication, shock-proof, oil and dust-proof, dielectric fluid and heat carrier. As well as used as defoamer, demoulding agent, paint and daily chemical additives. As one of the professional liquid silicone suppliers, Zhongtianprovides excellent polydimethylsiloxane for sale.

Banned Articles of polydimethylsiloxane silicone

The oxidant, Water, Alcohol, Acid, Alkali, Metal, or Metal Compounds.

Combustion (Decomposition) Polydimethylsiloxane

Silica, Carbon dioxide, trace carbon of not complete combustion, formaldehyde, Hydrogen.

Package Storage and Transportation of hydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane

The polydimethylsiloxane oil should be packed in a 200L plastic bucket.


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