Bamboo Decking

Extra-D Decking (outdoor decking)Extra-D® Bamboo Decking is a solid,Website:, high density decking board, made from compressed bamboo strips. Bamboo is highly dense and strong. Extra-D® Bamboo Decking is heat treated and pressed. The unique manufacturing process provides the decking a very hard product with an excellent hardness, stability and highest durability. Extra-D® Bamboo Decking is so dense and rots proof which is not easy to be bending or cupping, like most wood planks, also does not split or crack with time in opposition to wood planks. The decking is available in 4 ribbed surface types and 2 side shapes. The special hidden fastener system allows for quick installation with HuiHuang® fasteners. Like any untreated tropical hardwood species, when exposed to outdoor circumstances, Bamboo Decking will turn grey over time creating a very natural look.The special squeezing and drying treatment process and high density about 1200 kg / m3 makes the Bamboo –Extra B® harder than most of wood. Bamboo –Extra B® can be milled for the building and projects as hardwood.Side shape:1) Product information:Brand: HuiHuang® BambooCore: bamboo deckingLength: 2200mm/1860mmWidth: 140mmThickness: 20mm/30mmSurface: flat/ribbedColors: carbonized only.Milling: groove & grooveWarranty: 10-15 years Accessories Product CodeItemmaterialColorDimension(mm)CLIF-DeckFastenerStainless steelsilvery40*25.5*1.0ScrewStainless steelsilvery Keel-DeckKeelbamboocoffee40x40*1860/22002) Technical characteristicsDensity: 1200~1300 kg/mDimensional stability: width: +0.08%; Thickness: +4.9% (GB/T30364-2013)(4 hours in water 100 °C, 20 hours in electric dry oven 63°C, and then 4 hours in water 100 °C)Hardness:  ≥130 N/mmReaction to fire: Class B1 (GB8624)Breaking strength: 180 N/mm      Bending strength: 130 N/mmHorizontal Shear Strength: ≥16.78 N/mm   (GB/T30364-2013)Formaldehyde Emission: E0 standard CE®: Products available with CE® certification


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