Rotary Table Welding and Cutting Machine

This is the 3rd editions of DX Turntable HF welding and cuting machine from, the machine size smaller. DXZPRQ rotary series high frequency welding machines have 4 stations, This series HF Welder is made specifically for in various industries: packaging,textile,medical etc.. Mounted heated electrode holding plate for various material :PVC, PET, PET-G, PET-GAG. The turntable is equipped with special high precision rotary indexing gear controlled by frequency inverter. DXZPRQ series also mounted a air tank to ensure the air flow stable when the machine producing . The newest third edition machine one cycle working time about 5.8-6.5s ( include welding and cutting time ), welding ,cutting and the finished products take out stations can work at the same time. Thanks to these functions, the machine have fast packaging speed . About 1700pcs/hour (4cavities tooling). Machine also equipped with quick change electrode holder. DAVISON have own tooling department which can design and make any electrode and die required for any demanding production needs. Features: Rotating speed adjustable Production speed: 5-8s /to next weld ( 4 cavities ,produce quantity about 1700 pcs/hour ) Welding and cutting can finished in one machine Lower the cost of the tooling ( the tooling life time about 15 times longer than in the normal machine using)


至: Ningbo Davison Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
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