Galvanized Truss Bridge

Specifications1 Galvanized to Anti-rusting 2 HD200 Bailey Bridge 3 Permanent used 4 Provide engineer and technology guidance at site The bailey bridge can be used for 20 to 30 years if zinc coated. Application of the compact standard 200 panel bridge:Single lane: Bridge deck width: 4.2m.     Span length: 9.14-76.2mDouble lanes: Bridge deck width: 7.4m.    Span length: 9.14-57.9m The compact 200 panel bridge: The compact 200 panel bridge is similar to the compact 100 panel bridge from their appearance. The difference is its increased panel height to 2.134m. It employed the method of alternating joints between Reinforcement Chords and the joints between panels. This method can decrease inelastic deformation caused by the oversized pinholes.  Pre-arch method is used to additionally cut down mid-span and vertical deflection to a larger degree. Bolt-connected components use the orienting sleeve- fixing method to increase accuracy of connections. Shear is created in orienting sleeves and tension is developed in bolts, which increase the usage life of the bolts and ensure the safety of panel bridges. Wind resistant brace is made to be composite type and is connected to transom/girders to improve overall stability of panel bridges. The part between braced frame and panels is fixed through bridging so as to prevent the whole bridge from side bending. After the erection, there will be a pre-arched degree over the span of the bridge. Besides it can be assembled into single-lane bridges. The compact 200 panel bridge can also be assembled into double lane bridge, hence it broadens its application range. It is suitable for the load designs of HS-15, HS-20, HS-25 and pedrail-50 etc Span Construction-Load Table ---Extra Single Lane (W=4200mm) SPAN-ft HS-15 HS-20 HS-25 30 SS SS SS 40 SS SS SS 50 SS SS SS 60 SS SS SS 70 SS SS SSR 80 SS SSR SSR 90 SSR SSR SSR 100 SSR SSR SSR 110 SSR SSR DS 120 SSR DS DSR1 130 DS DSR1 DSR2H 140 DSR1 DSR2H DSR3H 150 TSTSR2 DSR2H DSR4H 160 DSR2H DSR2H TSR2 170 TSR2 TSR2 TSR3 180 TSR2 TSR3 TSR3H 190 TSR3H TSR3 QSR4 200 QSR4 TSR3QSR3  QSR4 Span Construction-Load Table ---Double Lane (W=7350mm) SPAN-ft HS-15 HS-20 HS-25 30 SS SS SS 40 SS SS SS 50 SS SS SSR 60 SS SSR SSR 70 SSR SSR DS 80 SSR DS DSR1 90 SSRH DSR1 DSR2H 100 DSR1 DSR2H TSR2 110 DSR1 DSR2 QS 120 TS DSR2H TSR2 130 DSR2H TSR2 TSR3 140 TSR2 TSR3 TSR3H 150 TSR3H TSR3H QSR4 160 QSR4 QSR4 QSR4 170 QSR4 QSR4   180 QSR4     1.SS shows one range one tier; DS shows two ranges one tier; TS shows three ranges one tier; DD shows two range two tiers etc.                                          2.If R follows    SS, DS, DD, etc, means reinforce type,and R1 means only one range reinforced, R2 means two ranges reinforced


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