Gabion Retaining Wall

Gabion Retaining Wall - Green Solution to Bank Erosion

Do you want to retain the slope in your garden? Do you want a retaining structure erected quickly without the needs of skilled labor or large equipment? Do you want a retaining wall that performs brilliantly and last longer? Then take our quality gabion retaining wall into consideration.

Our gabion retaining wall is a rectangular structure that composed of quality welded wire mesh panels joined together by spiral joints, hog rings or clips. Compared with traditional retaining walls made of woven willow wattle, gabion retaining wall has following incomparable benefits:

Several gabion baskets are filled with rocks to create a solid retaining wall.
Gabion retaining wall

Brilliant performance
It has brilliant performance in soil stability and erosion control; therefore, it is generally used in coastal, riverside and other areas where there is risk of high water. Meanwhile, its permeable structure allows runoff to pass and drain to avoid stress upon the wall. At the same time, soil particles get into the gaps between filling rocks, begin to buildup and form seedbeds of vegetation.

Various alignments
Various alignments of metal gabion units are available. For example, it can be engineered in stepped shape, a flexible sloping shape or other shapes according to requirements of your projects.

Excellent flexibility
Excellent flexibility of gabion retaining wall makes it possible to move with the earth to maintain integrity. So gabion retaining wall is generally applied to areas subjected to damages from fast moving water as solid block or concrete retaining walls may result in undermining.

Environmental friendly
Various local stones can be used to fill the baskets such as river boulders and angular limestone, meanwhile, recycled bricks, crushed recycled concrete and other waste materials are also workable. But it is recommended to use smaller stones rather than larger ones as smaller stones can be poured into the gabion baskets easily instead of hand placing.

Easy to assemble
Gabion retaining wall is easier to assemble than traditional ones: built level reinforced footings; assemble gabion retaining wall on this footing then reinforce the gabion wall and fill it with stones.

Long service life
Heavy zinc coating and PVC coating make the gabion retaining wall extremely resistant to rust and corrosion; in other words, these coatings efficiently protect gabion retaining wall from rusting away as well as extend its lifespan.

A straight gabion retaining wall composed of several welded gabion box.
Straight gabion retaining wall
A stepped gabion retaining wall for protecting river bank from erosion
Stepped gabion retaining wall

Material: quality welded steel mesh. 
Opening: 75mm × 75mm. 
Wire diameter: 3mm or 4.5mm. 
Anti-rust treatment: Zn - 5% Al plated, hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated after galvanization.

Square gabion box for retaining wall
Code Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)   Code Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
SGRW-1 300 300 300, 975, 1500, 2100 SGRW-6 675 675 675, 975, 1500, 2100
SGRW-2 375 375 375, 975, 1500, 2100 SGRW-7 750 750 750, 975, 1500, 2100
SGRW-3 450 450 450, 975, 1500, 2100 SGRW-8 825 825 825, 975, 1500, 2100
SGRW-4 525 525 525, 975, 1500, 2100 SGRW-9 900 900 900, 975, 1500, 2100
SGRW-5 600 600 600, 975, 1500, 2100 SGRW-10 975 975 975, 975, 1500, 2100
Rectangular gabion box for retaining wall
Code Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)   Code Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
RGRW-1 375 300 975, 1500, 2100 RGRW-9 975 525 975, 1500, 2100
RGRW-2 450 300 975, 1500, 2100 RGRW-10 1050 525 975, 1500, 2100
RGRW-3 525 300 975, 1500, 2100 RGRW-11 1125 600 975, 1500, 2100
RGRW-4 600 300 975, 1500, 2100 RGRW-12 1200 600 975, 1500, 2100
RGRW-5 675 375 975, 1500, 2100 RGRW-13 1275 675 975, 1500, 2100
RGRW-6 750 375 975, 1500, 2100 RGRW-14 1350 675 975, 1500, 2100
RGRW-7 825 450 975, 1500, 2100 RGRW-15 1425 750 975, 1500, 2100
RGRW-8 900 450 975, 1500, 2100        


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