Welded Gabion Baskets

Superdura Welded Gabion Basket - Durable & Versatile

Superdura welded gabion baskets are a type of rectangular baskets composed of rugged welded wire mesh panels. It has the same flexibility as woven gabion basket, thus, even winter freeze and thaw conditions have little impact to its structure. Meanwhile, Superdura welded gabion basket features greater strength and better shape control - don't bulge out when filled with stone. It is ideal for retaining earth and controlling soil erosion even; meanwhile, Superdura can provide a neater and more pleasing appearance to your projects.

Benefits of Superdura

A galvanized Superdura welded gabion basket is filled with rocks
Superdura welded gabion baskets feature high strength and better shape control so that they can be hoisted even filled with heavy rocks.

Durable structure
All of our Superdura welded gabion baskets are made of quality high tensile wire rods which are drawn to exact gauge and precious welded by computer controlled machines to create strong durable structures. Moreover, stainless steel or copper gabion is also available upon your request.

Better shape control
Superdura welded gabion baskets can hold their shape better than woven gabion. Meanwhile, performed corner stiffeners that connect adjacent vertical panels add stiffness effectively.

Utmost corrosion resistance
Superdura features 99% pure zinc coating or Zn-Al coating which is precious plated after welding; meanwhile, PVC coating can also be applied to galvanized Superdura when higher corrosion protection, UV resistance and bright colors are demanded, such as areas subjected to saltwater. In addition, wide ranges of colors are available to blend well with surrounding landscapes.

Easy to assemble
Welded gabion baskets, shipped flat with hinged panels generally, is easy to fold up and assemble on construction site just using spiral joints - no need of skilled workers or power equipment. Meanwhile, other mounting accessories such as hog rings, clips and hook also are also usable as shown in the following pictures:

Welded gabion baskets are joined by spiral joints
Spiral joints connection
Welded gabion baskets are joined by hog rings
Hog ring connection
Welded gabion baskets are joined by metal U clips
U clip connection
Welded gabion baskets are joined by hooks
Hook connection

Easy to install
Superdura also allows for an easy installation method - fill the gabion with universal loading equipment and mount lid on the top adopting above connecting methods. So Superdura efficiently enhance the productivity, shortening work period as well as at least 50% labor cost saving.

Environmental friendly
Superdura gabion, made of welded mesh panels, is considered a durable alternative to traditional concrete and timber for flood and soil erosion control. Meanwhile, it has less impact on the surrounding environments.

Aesthetically appearance
Superdura gabion has a natural appearance and can be painted in various colors to blend well with surroundings. Meanwhile, Superdura provides enhanced aesthetically appearance if combined with green plants or vegetation.

High adaptability
Superdura welded gabion baskets can be applied to environmental sensitive conditions such as marine areas with high velocity water flow - that is because spaces between rocks can efficiently dissipate large flow energy as well as drain the flow positively.

Beside above advantages, our Superdura baskets are long lasting and virtually maintenance free if erected and installed in a correct way. Therefore, they are welcomed by most of our customers and used in various applications as shown below.


  • Gabion retaining wall.
  • Culvert headwall.
  • Bridge abutments.
  • Flood control.
  • Bridge wing wall.
  • Gabion mattresses.
  • Channel lining.
  • Soil erosion control.
  • Bank protection.
  • Weirs.
  • Drop prevention structure.
  • Gabion cladding, etc.


  • Material: quality high tensile wire or stainless steel upon your request.
  • Anti-corrosion treatment: heavy galvanized or PVC coated.
  • Wire opening: 3" × 3".
  • Wire gauge: galvanized wire - 9 gauge & 11 gauge; PVC coated wire - 12 gauge.
  • Size: a range of sizes are available; specific sizes that fit your unique site conditions can also be supplied according to your requirements.
  • Standard: ASTM A974 or any custom standards.
  • Accessory: metallic coated or PVC coated spiral joints, stiffeners and lacing wire.
3" × 3" Superdura welded gabion baskets specification
Code Height Width Length Capacity (Cubic Yards)
SWGB-1 1' 3' 6' 0.67
SWGB-2 1' 3' 9' 1
SWGB-3 1' 3' 12' 1.33
SWGB-4 1' 6' 6' 1.3
SWGB-5 1' 6' 9' 2
SWGB-6 1' 6' 12' 2.7
SWGB-7 1'-6" 3' 6' 1
SWGB-8 1'-6" 3' 9' 1.5
SWGB-9 1'-6" 3' 12' 2
SWGB-10 1'-6" 6' 6' 2
SWGB-11 1'-6" 6' 9' 3
SWGB-12 1'-6" 6' 12' 4
SWGB-13 3' 3' 3' 1
SWGB-14 3' 3' 3'-6" 1.5
SWGB-15 3' 3' 6' 2
SWGB-16 3' 3' 9' 3
SWGB-17 3' 3' 12' 4
SWGB-18 3' 4'-6" 6' 3
SWGB-19 3' 4'-6" 9' 4.5
SWGB-20 3' 4'-6" 12' 6
SWGB-21 3' 6' 6' 4
SWGB-22 3' 6' 9' 6
SWGB-23 3' 6' 12' 8



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