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Mobile learning is based on mobile Internet technology, but surpasses technology obviously. Even though the old organizational learning system is complete, it is still hard to adapt to new environment and requirement. Is it possible for mobile learning to undertake the responsibility of building a whole new system?

From centralization to network

First of all, mobile learning needs to change the mechanism set up by enterprise knowledge. The way for mobile learning to push up is similar to UGC which is for inputting the knowledge with network and democratization, engaging all members in the enterprise into creating and spreading the knowledge.

Everyone is a teacher and learner

Mobile learningblurs the restrictions of all roles in the learning ecology but reconstructs the main body relations. In the past, a clear boundary was set between learners and teachers. However, mobile learning platform builds such a learning community where everyone focus on professional degree of solving problems no matter family background and class level. Thus, a group of experts come forth who not only teach through the cases in the Micro-Course Online Video to create high-quality content but explain the questions asked by fans in time with welcome and encouragement by fans in the community.

Learning in multiple scenes

Mobile learning takes advantage of mobile that everyone owns, with 5-minute basic fragmented product design learning. It helps learning get involved in the fragmented scenes of learners' daily life.

To be easy, fast, interesting and accurate

Mobile learning distinguishes particularly in the creativeness in learning form and experience. Such form is much able to adjust to the younger generation on the Internet which reflects easiness, fastness, fun and accuracy.

Easiness aims at to the laziness of the younger generation who wants to study without any burden even do not need to study. Mobile learning provides staff with a multitude of business knowledge and intelligent searching function by means of platform so that they can find relevant content easily.

Fastness refers to the learning speed which is the core for learning how to blend in with the business workflow. The goal is to learn wherever you are at any time.Fun points to the way for learners. They can learn with gamification, entertainment and experience.

Accuracy is equal to study according to personality. Every member is assigned to study different contents and topics and put forward varied learning requirements on the basis of the position and job grade in the enterprise.

During the whole learning process, mobile learning gives a hand to speed up the rate of transferring the information, summarizes the experience of the timeliness of transmission. Thelearning management system mobile appfrom Bebox can help a lot. Therefore, mobile learning is not a conversion and revolution of enterprise learning but more a new round of melding creativeness and evolution and a key step to advance to the higher level of organizational learning.

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