LGJ-18 T type (24pcs of ampules) vacuum freeze dryer

The vacuum freeze dryer is an excellent drying method. Under dry conditions, the dry product can be stored for a long time without the need of additives at normal temperature. The structure of the freeze-dried product is porous and crisp, and the rehydration is fast when used. The color, fragrance, taste, shape and activity of the articles after rehydration are basically unchanged, and the vacuum freeze dryer is especially suitable for the food, health care products and pharmaceutical industries. Vacuum freeze dryer technology is to freeze the wet material or solution to a solid state at a lower temperature, and then directly sublime the water in the vacuum without liquid. A gaseous technique that ultimately dehydrates the material. Technology is the core guarantee for enterprise innovation and transformation, and quality is also the guarantee of product fate. Vacuum freeze dryer manufacturers always adhere to the enterprise tenet of "survive by quality, develop by benefit", dare to be the first, be brave in innovation, and strive to improve product quality, so as to better serve our customers.
When using the vacuum freeze dryer for the first time, all parts of the instrument must be thoroughly cleaned. The stainless steel parts are cleaned with ethanol and the plexiglass is washed with normal saline. The ampoule is cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.
Pre-freezing must be carried out before lyophilization. If you want to prepare a low-temperature refrigerator, a temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius, or a low-temperature refrigerator of minus 80 degrees Celsius, it is usually about four hours to put the items to be dried in a low-temperature refrigerator or liquid nitrogen. It can be observed directly from the outside, after the article is completely frozen in ice, the freeze-drying experiment can be carried out, and the articles are quickly moved into the vacuum freeze dryer tray to ensure the freeze-drying effect.
The main unit and the vacuum pump are connected by a green vacuum tube, and the joint uses an international standard clamp. In order to effectively prevent air leakage, this type of clamp is specially designed with a sealing rubber ring in the clamp. In the method of preventing air leakage, apply a proper amount of vacuum grease on the rubber ring and then clamp it with a clamp to make the joints fit closer together. If the clamp is not clamped, air leakage will occur, causing the display value of the instrument panel to be greater than 20pa when vacuum is drawn. At this time, the airtightness of the vacuum pump and the glass cover of the vacuum freeze dryer should be checked.
There are two power sockets on the right side of the vacuum freeze dryer main unit. One connects the power line of the vacuum pump to the main unit, and then plugs the main power supply on the second vacuum freeze dryer into the power supply.
Before the vacuum pump is running, it must be checked whether vacuum pump oil is added, otherwise it will not operate normally. The oil level must not be lower than the center line of the oil mirror. The vacuum pump has a strong shaking when it is used at the beginning, and it will gradually become stable.
If the air tightness is not good, apply some vacuum grease to the sealing rubber ring above the cold trap, spin the plexiglass cover on the rubber ring, and test the air tightness by opening the vacuum freeze dryer vacuum pump. To ensure the integrity of the vacuum freeze dryer gas seal.

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